11 Signs That You Are A Hopeless Romantic

11 Signs That You Are A Hopeless Romantic

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Each and every one of us has that little streak of romance within them, granted some more than others. Now being a hopeless romantic means exactly what you think it does, falling head over heels in love with anything and everything. Let us look at 11 signs that make you a hopeless romantic.

11. You Always Opt For The Romantic Films

May it be alone or with a group of friends, romantic films are your forte. Rom-coms, pure drama or even animated films, you definitely need your dose of romance within them. You always tend to put yourself in the characters shoes and day-dream about how you would act when receiving various amounts of love from the main actor or actress.The Notebook is your go-to film whenever you’re feeling even a little bit down, it never fails to lift your spirits and make you believe in love again! You have lost count of the number of times your friends have rolled their eyes whenever they ask for movie suggestions, now you just sit quietly in the corner hoping whatever movie they pick has some romance to the plot that you can enjoy.

10. You Believe In Love At First Sight

Whether its true or not, you are a firm believer in love at first sight. Does it make sense? Probably not, but you don’t care either which way. You live for reading stories of other peoples love at first sight encounters, affirming your belief in them more. The moment two souls set eyes on each other and that faithful spark ignite, leading to an epic tale of romance. Your guilty pleasure is to track down other peoples real-life stories and read them while perhaps shedding a tear or two. Will it happen to you? Well, you certainly hope so, but until then you are satisfied with sitting at home at daydreaming about it, which brings us to point number 9...

9. Day Dreaming

You are notorious within your group as being the one who is forever zoned out and never in the conversation. Why? Because you are too busy thinking about your husband and 2 dogs and where you are going to spend your next vacation. Not that your husband is real or anything, you just love daydreaming about situations that may or may not happen. It may seem silly but moments like these that you relish, thinking up various situations where you meet your dream man and live your perfect life. Its things like these that define you as a hopeless romantic for sure!

8. Your Wedding Is Pre-Planned

Since you were just a little girl and you learned the concept of marriage, be it through movies or shows, you have dreamed of your perfect wedding. When you mention this to people they might have the idea that you have already picked out the destination and theme but little do they know that you’ve not only done that, but you have also picked out every little detail of what your dream wedding is going to be like. From the flower arrangements to the invitation cards, from the band to the food being served, you’ve thought of it all! There are numerous times where you have found yourself browsing through wedding catalogs and narrowing down which wedding dress you are going to wear. It wouldn’t be a surprise that you already have a whole folder dedicated to your future wedding, you just hope this won’t scare away any potential partners. Probably good not to show it to them till later…

7. PDA Makes You Grin Like An Idiot

Imagine you are in a middle of a crowded cafe, or in a public park and you and your friends see this couple cuddling up and kissing. All your friends turn away in disgust, some even whispering that they should leave this show of affection till they get home. Not you, you look on with interest verging on creepiness, just because you love seeing people in love! PDA is something you enjoy, you absolutely adore it when people show their affection to each other! When you’re a hopeless romantic, why not show the world?

6. Romantic Songs

You are lucky when it comes to this genre of music because nowadays every artist seems to be producing music related to being in love. Sitting on your bed, staring at the ceiling just listening to romantic songs is sort of a hobby of yours, you not only love the sound of the music but the words behind it. Your phone boasts a collection of playlist ranging from sad romantic to happy romantic - whatever you are in the mood for! The best thing is singing them out loud and picturing yourself and the person the artists is singing to, being serenaded by that soothing guitar just makes you want to laugh - or cry depending! Crying seems to be a reoccurring theme in this article, doesn’t it? Let's look at that in more detail in the next point.

5. You Cry, A Lot!

You go through a lot of boxes of tissues in your life, more than you would like to admit. Sad tears come for many reasons, watching films or listening to songs. You even tend to cry when hearing stories about your best friend fighting with their S.O, which promptly makes them stop and comfort you instead! It's not always about the sad though, you shed a lot of happy tears to be fair! Romantic scenes in movies, when the main characters finally realize their love for each other and end up together, ah the tears that follow after! If you ever feel like a really good cry then your go-to movie is always Titanic, it never fails to leave you a sobbing mess on the floor wondering if there really was space on that wooden plank for both of them.

4. Hook Ups VS Relationships

You never understood the concept of “hooking up” why bother being physical with someone if you aren’t in a relationship? When your friends describe to you in detail of their latest hook up, you tend to cringe and veer them to the direction of getting into a relationship, which at that point you are promptly shut down with phrases like “but being in a relationship is so hard!.” You always think to yourself “whats so hard about being in love though?” Dating apps like Tinder are the bane of your existence, meeting strangers online for a one night stand! No thank you! You would rather meet the love of your life at a park or cafe or something along those lines, the classic love story for the hopeless romantic in you.

3. High Hopes

One thing that might hinder you in relationships is you have overly high hopes. Being in a real relationship isn’t always like it is in the movies and tv shows and that is a foreign concept to you completely. You tend to think every guy that you date will be a Romeo, compliments and surprise flowers, chocolates and kisses 24/7. While it may be like that in the beginning, things tend to fade, you are still very much in love but a little less of the “honey phase” as people put it, and this throws you off. You want things to be like a love story forever, and this might actually be a bad thing as your partner can’t deliver all the time. Maybe its time to realize that not everything you see on tv is actually true?

2. Celebrate ALL The Days

Sure everybody celebrates Valentine's day, but what about the rose day, cuddle up day, hugging day, kissing day. No, none of these are made up, all these days actually exist. You, being the hopeless romantic you are, need to celebrate every one of these days. Even if it's a small celebration, you will always do something for it. If you don’t have an S.O, then your friends will definitely be dragged into celebrating with you. Valentine's day is your favorite, of course. The roses, the pink, the fluffy teddy bears! You live for it and count down the days where you can show the world your true romantic self! If you do have a partner then your anniversary will be the most awaited day of the year, you probably start planning a month in advance.

1. You Are In Love With Love

Love, according to you, is the most important concept ever. Solution to world peace? Everybody should just love one another! You are completely smitten with the concept of love, a hopeless romantic since the day you were born. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, you love your family and friends, you love your pets and you absolutely love your partner. Love is not just an emotion, it's an absolute. It means you care about everybody, you put their needs before yours and you love them with every inch of your body and soul.

Did one or all of these signs apply to you? Well then, my friend, you are definitely, without a doubt, a hopeless romantic! Don’t worry, its people like you that make the non-believers in the world believe in love again!

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