3 Reasons Why You should stay away from Facebook AutoLikers

. 2 min read

Facebook is the most popular social media platform at the moment. At the time of writing this article, Facebook has around 1.94 billion monthly active users. Nobody needs a psychiatrist to tell how crazy the world has gone over Facebook or Instagram or even Snapchat. One particular hormone which is responsible for the dope of Facebook is dopamine. Dopamine is an organic chemical released in our brains and is associated with pleasurable feelings. Dopamine is a part of the human reward system, it is released when you have sex or you see a pretty face or you have something awesome to eat. Same applies to Facebook. When you post a picture on Facebook, with every like or comment on that picture, you feel the reward, you feel the dopamine release.

Everyone wants to be famous and be more accepted. We all post our best pictures and carefully select our profile picture. In this race to get famous, some people fall prey to AutoLikers. In the last few years, AutoLiker sites have gradually increased in number. But, what is an AutoLiker? How does it work? Is it even safe to use an AutoLiker?

An AutoLiker is an online tool to get you more likes on your pictures, videos or status updates. How does it work? How is one able to get so many likes in a few minutes? It's simple. You like mine, I will like yours. The AutoLiker just automates this process. It's a "like for like" system. So, if you are using an AutoLiker, you just end up getting fake likes from a lot of other desperate people like you. Whenever you use an AutoLiker, they ask you for permissions to like, comment and share on your behalf, just as any other genuine app does. Okay, but why shouldn't I use them? Here are some reasons:

1. You become a spammer. Yeah!

Well, that's expected. When you use an AutoLiker, they like thousands of pictures and posts on your behalf. They can post for you as well. And all this is visible, to your real friends, on their News Feed and they realize what a desperate loser you are. Also, it's nuisance to people, who just wanna connect with their genuine friends. You also lose your credibility, as one can easily detect if the likes are organic or fake.

2. You may be hacked.

Most of the AutoLikers ask for your Facebook access tokens. This allows them post, comment, share and like on your behalf. When you submit your access tokens, you are basically throwing away your facebook account to someone else. It's like a one-time password. They can enjoy the control over your account until they decide to break the session.When you request your authorization tokens, the Facebook displays the following message "SECURITY WARNING! Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone".

3. You Will Get banned from Facebook. YES!

All the hard work you put all these years, trying to get famous, will go in vain. Using Autolikers or any other such apps is clearly against the policies laid down by Facebook and they have every right to terminate your account. I bet you don't wanna lose your Facebook account just for a few stupid likes. :D

It's still not the end of the road for the AutoLiker apps. They keep coming up with new techniques because they make a whole lot of money from this. You like 10 pictures, and get 5 likes back. Where do the remaining 5 likes go? They sell it. :D

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