3 Texts that WILL turn your ex on

3 Texts that WILL turn your ex on

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Wanna learn how you can turn your ex on through text messaging? We are going to teach you just that! Okay, so how can you turn on your ex through text messages? Well, the truth is that it isn’t as simple as just sending a bunch of text messages and hoping for the best.

Using these text messages right after the breakup wouldn’t be a wise idea. These are to be used if you and your partner have had some sufficient time away from each other after the breakup. And if your ex is still mad at you or if they don’t want to talk to you, then these texts will probably make matters worse. So what you have to do is make sure that your is at “emotionally neutral” first before sending them these text messages. But what exactly is to “emotional neutral?”

In order to make your ex emotionally neutral, you need to make sure your ex isn’t experiencing any of the negative emotions that are common after the breakup. There are a few sneaky ways to do this, and No Contact is one of the best ways to do this.

But the sake of brevity, let's assume that you already know all of that. So without anymore BS, let’s jump right into it.

1. The Intimate Memory Text

This is a powerful text that you can send to your ex that will force him or her to think about a romantic moment you two shared in the past. You could say something like:

“Do you remember that room we stayed in at the Fairmont Pacific? They had the most incredible bath robes… and the bed there was the softest thing ever. Take me back…”

Now, the goal here isn’t to get too sexual. You simply want your ex to start thinking about the romantic moment you shared together and let his or her imagination do the rest. If your ex seems receptive to your message, you can delve a little bit deeper and get a little bit more explicit. But again, if you force it, you’re going to blow it and your ex will probably just get creeped out. So remember that the key here is to be subtle.

2. The Clothing Text

The key to this text is to get your ex to think about their favorite article of clothing that you wore. It could be a fancy, little dress that you wore out on dinner dates or even a comfy sweatshirt that your ex liked to steal from you. You could say something like…

“I’m wearing that little blue dress you always liked, by the way! Hope you’re doing well.”

Of course, you can customize this to fit your breakup or your relationship. And this is a great text to send if you want to be really subtle about getting your ex to think about you intimately. Now if things between you two are going really well and your ex is being receptive to the above two texts, you can turn it up a notch by sending him or her this next example.

3. The Winky Text.

Again, this one is a little bit more “forward” so make sure things are going well between you and your ex. This one can do wonders for you when said in the right situations. You could say something like…

“You know what I miss most about our relationship? ;)”

-- and you can send a little winky emoticon after it.

And this is just a handful of the texts that are proven to turn your ex on. If you want more information on EXACTLY how you can turn your ex on (and get him or her into your bed NOW), then head over to this free video presentation.


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