3 Tips For A Perfect Relationship

3 Tips For A Perfect Relationship

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After a certain point in their lives, most women are wise enough to realize that the perfect Hollywood-movie style relationship doesn’t exist in real life. Yes, it would be great if every relationship was completely free of trust issues, and it would be fantastic if you just never fought with your man. Wake up, because it’s a dream that’s never going to happen. While your life might not be a Hollywood movie (if only!), there are some things you can do to help smooth the path to relationship perfection.

1. Know When To Speak Up… And When To Shut Up…

Confrontation can be a bitch, it’s true, but if there is a serious issue that is bothering you, and that may cause problems in your relationship in future, you should say something. Let your guy know what’s up, and hopefully, the problem can be fixed. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind – just think of the benefits that may be reaped.

On the other hand, you don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind. Does your guy have some annoying habits that bug you? Maybe he unconsciously hums while he reads, or maybe he’s a foot tapper. You don’t have to make every tiny thing an issue. Vent to your best girlfriend about your guy’s freakish habits, and then shut up and let it go.

2. Don’t Become Siamese Twins

Couples who are attached at the hip 24/7 are doomed to fail, not to mention extremely obnoxious to be around. It’s great that you want to spend time with your significant other, but don’t overdo it. For one thing, your friends, who want to hang out with you, not the you-plus-boyfriend combo, are sure to get annoyed – and you will want to keep your friends around to rant to when your man starts getting on your nerves.

Aside from alienating your friends, a Siamese-twin-relationship may eventually sap the desire from your relationship. When you see your guy all the time, it’s not a big deal when you get to have dinner together, or spend the whole day in bed with him on Sunday. Leading your own lives is the key to keeping a relationship hot and exciting.

3. The Three Little Words

There are three words that are essential to making every healthy relationship work and no, they are not “I love you.” Try “I am sorry” instead. If you screwed up, be it by scratching his favorite CD or simply saying something hurtful (know when to shut up!), suck it up and apologize. But you shouldn’t be the only one apologizing. If your man messes up – and of course he does – you should be hearing those three little words coming from his lips.

You shouldn’t be the only one following these three golden rules to relationship bliss. Get your man on board – just leave this article lying around the house, with key passages highlighted. He’ll get the point. With both of you following these tips, your relationship will be on the path to perfection.

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