5 Minutes Makeup Helps You Get Beautiful Every Morning

. 3 min read

Are you waking up every morning and running against time? Do not worry about makeup steps that waste your time?  Don’t worry, I will give you instant radiance every morning with just 5 minutes with simple makeup kit in your bag. Get started!

Facial massage 30s

Wake up and start your day with 30s massage is a procedure that you should never miss in the morning. Even though you had skincare routine in the night, you should massage your face gently in the morning. You can use lotion to make the skin moist and soft all day. This is a shortened massage that I learned from Charlotte Cho, author of the book The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin has taught how to perform daily facial massage. After cleansing your face, remove the lotion and apply to the palm of your hand for 15 seconds. Then place one hand on the forehead and the other on the chin and press for two seconds. Then, place your hands on your cheeks and squeeze for two seconds. Repeat the process twice - the purpose is to transfer the product from the palm of your hand to the skin. And make sure you press firmly. Just 30 seconds, it will definitely make you look a lot brighter.
One tip is that you can add a few drops of essence to make the mixture smooth and add to the effect of this step more effective.

1 minute for high-covered foundation

Using a moist sponge along with your favorite cream foundation every morning to make your skin more color and fresh is always something that makes me feel good. A creamy texture that is not too thick, has enough moisture and makes my base look natural like Make Up Forever Water Blend, Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Finish is top choices. For areas that need to be "loved more" such as dark circles, acne spots, I will use a little concealer liquid as Nars Radiant Concealer Concealer, Maybelline NY Eraser Eye Concealer or Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener. Cream concealer will be suitable for those who are in a hurry because they are easy to peel and blend in with your foundation.

30s with the natural eyebrows

Eyebrows in 2017 are natural eyebrows. Just brush the hair color in the horizontal direction and slightly slop up on the tail a bit to give a sense of nature "complete". If you feel too empty and uncomfortable with this "naked", then just cover up on a lightweight eyebrow with a layer of eyebrow mascara matching the hair color is okay.

30s Natural eyelashes
Because you do not have much time so cannot sit for super long- curly – fabulous eyelashes. The trick for you is to use a thin eyeliner pencil at the top of your eyelashes and then press your eyelids as normal. You just have a curved eyelash and a perfectly perfect eyeliner. Then use a little mascara to add extra shine to the eyelashes.

1 and a half minutes with a multiple lipsticks

This is my favorite stage because with just one pink lipstick I can finish up to 3 small steps on my face. With the exception of lipstick on my lips, I'll get some lipstick for blush and maybe even make eye color. Just use a hand to get a little lip and smoothly pat smoothly in the shape of a circle or across the cheek is enough to blush the whole day already. For these multi-purpose lipsticks, the easiest and easiest colors to use are orange peach, orange / pink pastel, or red brick, which will be great options.

Bronzer just in 40s

For anyone who wanting a face with a natural angle with just a few brushes, this would be a secret you have to keep. Use your bronzer to swipe your nose and a little bit in the jaw bone. In my personal experience, in this time, you will not have enough time to lighten your face. Therefore, the highlight of the nose bridge will be preferred. Just use your hands, dab a little light and have a smooth claw on the bridge of the nose is a high standard no need to adjust again.

20s lock everything with the translucent powder

For complete makeup not over oil, or patchy I will end with a powder. My favorite powder is RCMA No-Color Powder. Use a large brush to smooth the face, bring a smooth makeup, natural, durable throughout the day.
With these tips, I hope you will always be beautiful in any situation. Because we are beautiful, so always smile and shine the girls!