5 Tech Tools to Engage Students

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Most of the teachers worldwide try to incorporate technology into the teaching process. The old-fashioned ways of teaching were used in the past because that way the students are not engaged and not interested in learning the new material. The modern ways of teaching where technology is incorporated have shown that by introducing new ways of teaching can motivate students to learn better and also harder. All teachers and educators try to involve some media in the classroom when presenting some new material or when doing the examination.

Teachers and educators can keep students’ attention by using some authentic materials in the classroom and by using media devices. The students themselves use these devices at home so they are really careful during the lesson and try to memorize and understand most of the things the teacher explains during the lesson. This practice has been followed by a lot of teachers and educators in the teaching process because it provides the result the teacher wants and at the same time, it is fun and interesting for the students. Teachers also use a lot of materials from the Internet so that means that the teacher needs to use some mobile device that has an access to the Internet in order to have more materials for the lesson. A lot of schools use online platforms where students can attach or download some materials for a particular course and to do their assignments on their computer or laptop and upload them on their course. There are some online schools and courses where all the teaching and examination is done through the Internet and by using computers, laptops or some other media device. All of the information provided explains the importance of technology in the process of education. Most of the students have some technology gadgets in their homes. For example, most of the students have mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. So there is a practice where the teachers also use some of their own laptops or tablets and they have a lesson where both the teacher and the students use mobile devices for more effective lessons. There are some technology trends in education and the following 5 tech tools will help every teacher to engage the students.

Video and Animation

There is no better way for students to learn something than watching it in front of them so that the information from the video can stay in their memory for a longer period. Using a video / an audio/animations can help students and also teachers to explain some processes that happen in nature or maybe something that happened a long time ago in the past and we do not have it now in the present. Most of the students can memorize the info when they see it and think about it compared to only reading or hearing about it.

Virtual reality devices

Virtual reality devices were introduced in the 90s, but now they are more sophisticated in order to serve teachers and students for better learning. By using these virtual reality devices, the teachers can bring the reality of the things they talk about in class right in front of the students. With these devices students can visit some historical places and monuments; they can visit some mountains, seas, and deserts or see some processes that happen in nature in three or more dimensions.


There is a lot of material on the Internet for any topic and any subject so having Internet connectivity in your classroom can be a huge relief for both students and the teacher. There are a lot of interesting and fun exercises for any subject online. Also, students can use the Internet for researching and learning more about the topics they are interested in. The Internet offers many learning opportunities. In a combination with a media or technology device, it can improve the learning process and make it more fun and enjoyable for both students and teachers.

Mobile devices

Students still use notebooks and course book in their classrooms. Despite it, the teacher can also ask the students to bring their own mobile devices in order to have access to more options such as the Internet, online materials, and the students can use some programs that will help them make notes or type some text and so on.

Interactive whiteboards

The old boards are still useful, but there are new and more modern boards that can be operated with a finger. The interactive boards offer a lot of options and provide a fun learning process. Read more.

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