How To Become A Woman That Any Man Will Find Attractive

How To Become A Woman That Any Man Will Find Attractive

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You know how they say that 'There's plenty of fish in the sea?' Well, the sea is pretty vast and you are probably struggling to get hooked. If that is the case for you then you have got to read this list!

Standing out among the crowd is quite tough. You want to make the best impression without trying too hard. This is something that attractive women have mastered. Also, let's set the record straight.

Attractiveness isn't just about what you look like on the outside. It's about what is within you too! You could have the best decked-up cake in the world but it might end up tasting nothing but nasty old fondant. That's how people are too. They often tend to neglect their personality because they believe that looks are everything.

I'm here to break that belief and tell you that attractiveness is a skill that can be mastered. It takes some practice and it isn't unachievable!

So let's great cracking:

Step 1: Add a Cup of Compassion

Turns out that men are just looking to be loved. He wants to be with someone who shows compassion, doesn't judge him, and allows him to be true to himself. This might shock you a bit because it goes against everything that movies and television have been telling us. Men don't cry. Men are tough. Men don't need cuddles. Scrap that mentality right now!

The quickest way to become attractive in his eyes is to show him the kind of compassion that you desire most. The kind of care and love that we receive from our friends is exactly the kind that we should be giving.

"But you can't just learn compassion, it's an innate thing!" That's not true. Compassion can be learned and cultivated. You can start small with meditation, mindfulness, and small acts of kindness. Over time it will become an instinct for you.

Step 2: Be The Curious Cat

We've all heard the saying that curiosity killed the cat but a little curiosity is healthy. A big misunderstanding about men is that they don't want anyone to know personal things about them. They want to keep everything under wraps and clam up during discussions. Yes, men might often seem closed-off and not very chatty. But they open up a whole lot more when they trust someone.

watching your neighbors is always more interesting than actually doing work.  ups
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Men who feel that someone is genuinely interested in them will share some of their deepest darkest fears. To get to that level of trust, you must start small. Get him comfortable with you by asking fun and interesting questions about his life. You can ask about his hobbies or interests. Try and read up on a few so that your questions have knowledge backing them.

Research has shown that asking interesting questions can make you seem more likable. Don't get in your head too much about the kind of questions you ask. Just think of things that you would like someone to ask you, and start from there.

Step 3: Being Adventurous Like Dora The Explorer

I bet you're thinking that I'm going to ask you to explore the world. Traveling to new countries isn't something that makes a person attractive, don't worry. I am looking out for your wallet.

When I speak about being adventurous I mean exploring who you are as a person. Self-knowledge is one of the last things that we are on the lookout for. We're busy running after knowledge for our jobs, survival, and earning more money that we don't get time for much else.

When you spend time getting to know yourself, you are gaining so much more than you can ever imagine. The kind of confidence and self-assurance that comes with this knowledge is mind-blowingly attractive.

To put it plainly, I don't need you to invest in expensive travel, I want you to invest in yourself.

Step 4: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Me

I am going to make a prediction right now, let's see if it's correct. As you are reading this article you probably have at least 3 other things on your mind. As we move through each day we're hardly ever focusing all of our attention on one thing. It's extremely tough to do so.

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Mindfulness isn't about always paying 100% attention to each thing. It's more about recognizing where your thoughts are flowing. Being present and aware of what's going on in your mind gives you a different kind of energy.

It's refreshing to meet these kinds of people who don't get caught up with 100 things at once. If you can be present and mindful you've already won!

Step 5: Cultivate Contentment

This is one of the last and most important things that will automatically make you attractive. Being content and happy with yourself is truly the best thing you can do with your life.

In the age of social media, everyone is striving to be like other people. You may feel the urge to be the most successful, the thinnest, most hilarious, or coolest. We're never truly far away from comparisons. So with all that going on, being content with yourself is revolutionary. It can shape your personality. A person with a well-shaped personality will be able to master all areas of their life just by being content.

This is probably one of the hardest and most challenging steps you might face on this list. But with some effort, you will be able to reach that level.

Now, the only thing for you to do is to print out this list and stick it on your fridge. You have been prescribed a course of:

  • One reading of this list per day
  • One run up a steep flight of steps just like Rocky Balboa, but that’s more for the coolness factor than anything else Protection Status