Awaken Your Inner Bad Girl

Awaken Your Inner Bad Girl

Marissa worked hard.

She did it all. Her boss joked that everything would fall apart if she weren’t there to run things. “What would we do without you?” he told her affectionately.

But the problem was that a lot of people depended on Marissa. She did fundraising for her children’s school. She volunteered at a community garden. And she raised two beautiful children single-handedly.

“We don’t know how you do it all,” the ladies in her gardening club told her.

She didn’t know how she did it all, either. “I just keep my head down and soldier on,” she’d say with a smile.

But Marissa was tired. Her last relationship had been three years ago. She knew she needed to put more effort into dating, but the thought of having more on her plate just crushed her.

“I’m feeling old,” she told me. “Like I’ve aged 10 years since my divorce. I wake up and see all these lines around my eyes that weren’t there before. What man would want to take on my life? Honestly, I don’t even want romance. I just want someone to lean on occasionally.”

She sighed.

There are dozens of programs aiming to help women attract a man. But they all have one feature in common.

They’re focused on what MEN want.

What men find attractive. What makes him want to commit.

Marissa was already bending herself backwards to please everyone in her life. If she added a man on top of that, she might just topple over.

Luckily, I had just finished something that might help Marissa.

My first new program in 6 years.

A program that represented over a decade of research and thinking into what sparks chemistry, nourishes love, keeps us healthy, and feeds our souls.

Complete with exercises that put women on a path to total transformation—from tired and worn to juicy and wildly irresistible—by focusing on one simple thing:

Her own pleasure.

“So there’s this thing,” I told her, “that can give you back your energy. It can even reverse some of those signs of aging you’re worried about. It can make you bloom again.”

“Sign me up!” she joked. “What is it?”

“Well, let me tell you a bit more first. It works by boosting levels of nitric oxide in the body. That’s like the miracle molecule, because it makes everything work better. And here’s another thing about it. It turns you into virtual Viagra. If you commit to this, you’ll turn on men without even trying.”

“I can’t imagine that,” Marissa said. “I feel like such a downer. I turn off men without even trying.”

“Once I tell you what this is, you’ll probably see why you feel that way. But here’s the thing. It’s going to require you to change some things about the way you’re living. You’re going to have to give up some of those things you’re holding onto so tightly, like all the stress, doing too much, saying yes to everyone.”

Marissa sighed. “I know, right? This isn’t sustainable. But I don’t know how to be any different.”

“You’re great at learning new things. Once you decide this is what you want, you’ll have no trouble.”

“So what is this going to cost me? You know my schedule. I don’t have time, I don’t have money for a lot of stuff, and as much as I’d like to take a week off to go to some fancy workshop, it’s not going to happen.”

“That’s okay. Do you have 15 minutes every night?”

“Maybe,” Marissa said slowly. “What for?”

I smiled.


Your pleasure is at the heart of The Pleasure Principle.

What makes you feel good. What makes you laugh. What feeds your soul.

The Pleasure Principle is about YOU.

It’s a program designed to awaken a part of you that’s gone to sleep.

That child inside who just wants to have fun and play and get every last little bit of goodness out of life.

Most of us bade goodbye to that part of us years if not decades ago.

Real life doesn’t have a lot of room for fun. We have very specific fun-slots in our schedule: after 5pm and on weekends. Real life is about keeping our nose to the grindstone and being productive and effective. No one ever got to the top by fooling around.

And yet…

When you fall in love, isn’t fooling around the best part about it?

Falling in love gives you permission to be foolish and silly. You can overdose on pleasure with no guilt. Everyone cuts a little slack for lovers. All those dreams and sighs and random smiles remind you how lovely it is to be alive.

That’s exactly what Marissa needed.

Not a man, but permission to fall in love with life again.

And no one knew how to do that better than her inner bad girl.

Every single one of us has an inner bad girl who just wants to have fun.

Over time, we stop listening to her voice. We can’t afford to skive off work, spend too much, or do anything we might regret later.

Yet your inner bad girl knows better than ANYONE what you really want.

She’s the voice of desire…

The voice of pleasure…

And the voice of truth.

Ready to hear what she has to say?

Then pick up your copy of THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE.

- by Amy Waterman Protection Status