Rules for Dating Busy Men

Rules for Dating Busy Men

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If you are a woman who needs constant attention, you might not want to choose dating busy men. Dating a busy man can be difficult for someone who wants her guy to be doting on her 24/7. In fact, If you do not like sharing your guy’s attention, maybe dating a guy who still lives at home with his parents and has no responsibilities is more your style.

But if you want a man who has a career and can take care of himself, you might choose dating busy men whose high energy and extraordinary talents often take them away from you. This is just one of the many things to look for when deciding if he is the one for you. If he is the type of guy that you want, then you will have to learn how to date a busy man.

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Dating Busy Men Can Be Hard for You Both

One of the first things that you will need to remember when dating busy men is that the situation is probably hard on him, too. He may have the sincerest of feelings and truly want to spend more time with you but find it difficult to juggle all of his life’s ambitions at once. This is actually good news for you if you think about it. This could very well be the reason that he is still single and available for you…because other women simply couldn’t deal with his busy schedule.

In order to be the perfect woman to date a busy man, you will have to be independent enough not to feel rejected every time he is unable to be with you. This type of relationship requires a confident woman who is flexible and understanding of his needs without sulking or fighting with him about it. If the situation is too hard on you, and you cannot remember that it is hard on him, too, perhaps you aren’t the type of woman who should be dating busy men. When dating a busy man, you do not want to appear needy.

Understanding His Job Can Help When Dating Busy Men

One thing that can be tremendously helpful when dating busy men is to understand the nature of his job and why he needs to spend so much time away from you. Of course, there are a few jobs in this world that have secret government clearance and cannot be shared or discussed. Odds are your guy doesn’t have one of those. If he does, the rules for dating him are bound to be much more complex.

But if your guy simply has a demanding career which takes up a lot of his time, it can help If you understand exactly how his job works. In most cases, the reason a woman feels insecure with a busy man is that she is constantly wondering if he is really at work, or if he is actually choosing to be away from her. Knowing what he does and why it takes up so much of his time can help make these thoughts go away.

Understanding how his job works can also make a difference in knowing when he will be more available. For example, accountants are known to be extremely busy during tax season. If you can hold out until tax season is over, then you will have a lot more of his time. Sports players also depend on certain seasons for their careers. Once the football season is over, the football player will have more time for other activities, for example.

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Reduce Distractions When Dating Busy Men

When dating busy men, you will want to work on making sure that there are no distractions when you finally do have time together. In order to steal his heart in the little amount of time that you have, you will need to make sure that his focus is on you and that your attention is on him as well. After all, it is much easier to win him over if he feels that he has your full attention. That may seem strange considering the fact that you have to fight for his time, but the key is to make the bit of time that you do have to be high quality.

There are a few things that can cause distractions when you are trying to get closer to someone. Other people can take away time and attention that should be reserved for just the two of you. Double dating might not be the activity of choice for most of the time you get to spend together. You also might want to use your phones only in emergencies when you are together. If someone calls and you simply cannot ignore it, hang up as soon as you know it isn’t an emergency.

Smartphones can also draw your attention away from each other when you are on a date. Constantly checking social media, emails, and even texts should not be done when you two are trying to connect. Dating in places like sports bars can cause distractions if either or both of you are constantly checking the television screens above you.

Give More When Dating Busy Men

Knowing that the busy man doesn’t have much time to give to you, it may seem that you won’t have to give much to the relationship. The truth is the opposite is more the case. When dating busy men, you will often have to give more of yourself to make up for the fact that you can’t be together much. Making your time together extraordinary for him will help to make sure he will want more of that time with you. Finding out what his needs are and giving more focus than normal to meeting those needs can make your time together unforgettable for him. If you focus heavily while you are together on making sure that he cannot forget you, you can rest assured that you are constantly on his mind while you are apart.

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