Does he like me? 15 Signs A Guy Likes You

Does he like me? 15 Signs A Guy Likes You

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Boys can be the most confusing creatures on the planet, or so we think. How many days have we spent pondering “does this guy like me or not?” Wouldn’t it just be easier if a man could just admit that they like us? Well, men aren’t that easy. Instead, let's look at 15 signs that prove that a guy is very much into you.

15. He Listens

Listening doesn’t just mean he sits and hears you out, nodding along absentmindedly. No. He actually listens to what you have to say, engaging in the conversation and asking you questions about it. This is a surefire sign that he likes you, many people just listen to speak but he listens because he is truly interested in what you have to say. You can tell if a guy is honestly listening to you when he takes an active part in the conversation by both asking questions about it and giving his thoughts on the topic at hand.

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14. Eye Contact

One of the main things that prove that a guy likes you is if he maintains eye contact, be it while having a conversation or just his wandering gaze that keeps falling upon you. You may notice that he looks into your eyes while speaking, not breaking eye contact to look around at other people, this shows that he is captivated by you and the things you have to say. Many people have the habit of looking at their surroundings while someone speaks, hinting that they might be bored of the conversation, but if a boy likes you then he will look at you while you speak.

13. He Smiles, A Lot

Usually, we can tell when someone has a fake smile plastered on their face, a polite smile that says “I like you and I’m a nice person.” This is definitely not the kind of smile we are looking for, when a guy likes you, you can always tell by his smile. The smile will radiate warmth behind it, this is the kind of smile that touches the eyes you can see the little crinkles at the corners of them proving that it is indeed a genuine smile. Guys will only genuinely smile when they really like you, so if you see that then its a plus!

12. Body Language

Body language is an interesting topic when observed right you can tell when a person likes you or is just waiting to get away from you. For example, if his body is turned towards you during a conversation then you definitely know he is into you! Even if he is talking to other people in the room and his feet are pointed towards your direction shows that he has you on his mind. It is a good idea to be a keen observer when it comes to body language for you can tell a lot about what is on a persons mind by doing so.

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11. Mirror Mirror

Speaking of body language, let's look at one interesting factor - mirroring. Now a big sign that he likes you is if he mirrors you. That does not mean copy your every motion, rather mirror some of your actions. For example, if you shift to the left, so does he. This is an unconscious decision and just reflects that he is comfortable around you, try leaning towards him and see if he does the same. Bonus - you can get closer to him!

10. Lip Licker

When you hear something like “he licks his lips a lot” you surely imagine this in a fairly creepy way but that's not what it means! If he subtly licks his lips during a conversation then he is undoubtedly interested in you, in more ways than one! A guy may do more than just lick his lips, you will notice him touching his lips more often than normal or taking numerous sips from his drink as usual. Let's just hope he isn’t just licking his lips because they are chapped!

9. Alone At Last

If you really want to know how to tell if a boy likes you or not is if he wants to be alone with you. You may have plans to go out with a few friends but if he finds excuses to ditch them and for you two to be alone then you know he has something else on his mind! Try setting up some alone time for you two to see what happens and if he is really into you. He may even want to ditch his own set of friends and stay free just to get a chance to hang out with you alone!

8. Compliments

It may sound really obvious and silly but if a guy compliments you then, you guessed it, he likes you! Usually, compliments don’t come easy for men simply because they don’t notice things as much, so if he observes that you got a new haircut or are wearing a new dress and compliments you on that then he’s a keeper! Compliments may not come easy for some men and that's why when they are said, they are said from the heart.

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7. Do Not Disturb

In this day and age, it is very hard for people to leave their electronics behind, you go out and see people everywhere stuck to their phones 24/7. People sit across each other with their faces buried in their phones, not noticing anything happening around them. If a guy likes you then he will completely ignore his phone, notifications may come and go but he only has eyes and ears for you. This is quite special because you know he wants to spend time with you and only you.

6. Always Yes

Does it seem like everything you are saying to him is right? Is he agreeing with all your viewpoints and things you like? Then chance is he isn’t really serious but instead is agreeing with everything you say just because he likes you. This may seem a little misleading but in the beginning conversations, guys would not like to oppose your viewpoints or even argue with you just because they want to keep listening to you and keep the conversation going in a positive note, what better way to do that then just agree with you on everything?

5. Ignoring Time

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if he likes you then he will ignore you. This seems like a very juvenile and high school thing to do but you will be surprised how many guys actually use this tactic. Playing “hard to get” is a very real situation that guy love to use. Its because they want to see if you care enough to chase them, men can be silly. The funny thing is a woman actually fall for this and give the guys enough attention for them to realize that they care, I guess their tactic isn’t so silly after all!

4. Boyfriend?

There is absolutely no reason for a guy to ask you if you are single or not unless he is into you, none at all! If a guy asks if you have a boyfriend or not then you know its a sign that he likes you. He wants to know whether he has a chance with you or not, why try if the girl is taken? Guys will never ask this question unless they are planning further moves ahead like flirting with you and asking you out. So if he ever asks your current relationship status, he likes you.

3. Touchy Feely

Let's look at another factor of body language - touch. You may find that you will be talking to a guy and he “accidentally” touches you on the arm or waist. This most definitely isn’t an accident but instead, a well thought out subtly touch, insinuating that this guy is into you. Men get quite touchy-feely around a woman that they like so this one is obvious. If you find that the guy has shared a few subtle touches with you then its a sign that he is into you for sure.

2. Green-Eyed Monster

Now here is an emotion that is very hard for people to control - jealousy! If a guy gets jealous in any way then you know he likes you. Now I don’t mean the aggressive jealousy but rather he would be a little sad and mopey if you are giving attention to other guys yet ignoring him. This is a hard sign to catch as guys tend to not openly show that they are jealous but instead keep it to themselves. If you find a guy being distance and weird after you have not given him attention in a while and instead talked animatedly to other guys then you know he’s jealous and wants your attention all to himself!

1. Ha Ha Ha

One of the main things that many girls love in a guy is his sense of humor and guys know this. If you find him constantly trying to impress you with jokes here and there, it shows that he wants to make you laugh and smile. The best part is he will laugh along with you because he loves to know that he is the one to put a smile on your face and no one else.

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