Does She Like Me? 7 Signs a Girl Likes You

Does She Like Me? 7 Signs a Girl Likes You

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It’s a tragedy that you as men fail to read signs a girl likes you and miserably at that. It's pragmatic to approach a woman who is keen on being approached. Deciphering the signs she likes you is not a child’s play nor is it rocket science. With careful observation and analysis, you can tactfully gather if the woman you like; likes you back. Moreover, learning to read the signs can help you configure a woman’s desires and allow you to adjust your behavior to cater to her aspirations. If the question ‘does she like me?’ has been bothering you for a while, we have come up with some pointers that can guide you towards a definite answer. Find your way ahead:

1. If She Makes Prolonged Eye Contact

Females are subtle when it comes to dropping around obvious hints about what they want when compared to men. Their heightened sensitivity towards body language cues makes them careful when using these signs. Woman make prolonged eye contact with men they are interested in. While a targeted eye contact may mean an invitation for the conversation to a female, men might discard it as a trivial sign. When looking for clear signs that she likes you, it is best to count an intended eye contact as a good starting point.

If she makes prolonged eye contact, then it's a sign that she might actually like you.

The main area of concern for men here is to know the difference between a normal fleeting glance and a lasting eye contact. While a prolonged eye contact is a green signal from a woman, not every glance or meeting of eyes for a must be counted in as a positive sign. Here are some easy pointers to clarify the signals:

  • Every day you meet thousands of strangers in the eye, however, that glance doesn’t even last a second. In case you make an eye contact with a girl and she looks away but returns to look back at you, she is inviting you to take an initiative. Women usually do this to indicate that they have noticed you.
  • Locking eyes with a man which lasts more than 3 seconds are also counted as a green signal by women. So, if your lady is intently looking into your eyes even if she is far away and not shifting her gaze she is up for the approach.
  • Another small thing to take note is if the woman concerned is not trying to hide the fact that she was staring at you, consider it a game on.
  • In case you are wondering if a friend that you have had for a long time now likes you, take note of the pupils in her eyes when she sees you first. Dilated pupils indicate excitement and sexual orientation.

As you put this knowledge about eye contact to use, you will notice plenty of opportunities of getting familiar to ladies you like, which you would have missed otherwise. However, it is to note that eye contact is only a signal indicating the point of interest and should not be misconstrued as anything more than that.

2. If Proximity is Not a Concern When She is Around

It's an established fact that we want to be near people that we like, as they are constantly on our mind. Women do not like to be up close and personal with people that they don’t like. If you are on the lookout for signs she likes you, pay attention to her actions. Your friend might be giving you clear signals about her liking for you by standing close to you always.

  • When looking for signs a girl likes you, you must take note if the lady in question is trying to be around you at every possible opportunity. She might not necessarily be an extrovert to start talking with you right away but she will prefer to be in your proximity when she gets a chance.
  • She might be open to brushing her arm slightly against you, which is another clear indication of her liking for you.
  • If a girl leans in too close to you, or whispers in your ear she definitely likes you.
  • Only a girl who likes you will choose to hug you, even if casually.
  • If a girl puts her hand on your hand or touches your arms briefly when she is asserting herself, she is signaling the trust that she places in you.
  • If you notice that a girl indulges you in playful punching, patting and hitting and does not behave similarly with other guys in a group, you are the lucky one.

A girl who is facing you all the time while she is making a conversation indicates that she is interested in you. If she has her arms by her side and doesn't hold them upfront in a folded manner, it is a positive sign. Another body language cue to pick up from a girl who is in question is to watch out if she points her toes at you while she is talking to you. A girl who doesn’t like you will pull away if she finds herself standing in close proximity to you.

3. If She Smiles at You Like She Doesn’t Otherwise

While smile has been stereotyped as the quintessential sign of consent, there are various interpretations that can be derived from a girl’s smile depending on her nature. Girls are far more empathetic by nature than the opposite gender and hence smile more often. It’s important to notice the way that she smiles and how often.

  • Make note of her smile. If her smile is directed towards you, in particular, it's a signal that she likes you. However, if she is smiling at everyone as much as towards you, there is no need for you to be particularly excited about this connection.
  • If the girl concerned is of shy nature, subtle smiling accompanied by blushing are a good starting point.
  • As infectious as her smile might be to you, you need to dig deeper to figure if it is a genuine one. If a girl smiles unabashedly at you and has a glint in her eyes when she sees you, she likes you a lot.
  • Giggles signify youthfulness. If a girl ends up in giggles when she is with you, it is to indicate that she is enjoying herself. Giggles paired with definite eye contact equate to a strong liking.

5. If She is Nervous When You Are Around

Are you confused about the sudden fidgety behavior of your friend when she is around you? Why is she always playing with something in her hand while talking to you or keeps rubbing her things when in a conversation with you? Such abrupt signals of nervousness hide a logical explanation underneath that needs to be unearthed and put to use.

  • Most commonly, nervousness is a positive sign. It indicates that the girl intends to leave a good impression on you. If she looks clearly nervous to you, take this chance to pacify her and win her to your side. This makes you appear desirable to them. If a girl is flamboyant with everyone and a bit unsettled only when it comes to you, you must seize the opportunity to comfort her and take it further.
  • If a woman is initially nervous around you but is happy to be pacified by you, it is a sign that she is into you.
  • Sometimes, women are immensely nervous when it comes to men they like because of their inherent shyness. You can try some light-hearted humor to cheer her up and make note of her reactions in gauging her liking for you.

5. If She Makes Excuses to Talk and Reveals Too Much Information

Depending on her individual nature, an extrovert girl would reach out to you on her own through commenting on your latest posts or random texts. All these are clear-cut signs that she likes you and is intrigued to know more. The nature of conversation also describes the feelings she has for you. Flirtatious comments, praises, and compliments all point towards definite liking. It is likely that she picks up points from conversations with you, figures your interests and then develops a knowledge base in those areas particularly.

A girl who has developed a certain liking for you would also like that you know her in and out. She will be open to reveal her hidden desires and intimate secrets so that you get to know her the best. Thus, a girl who drops a tad bit too much personal information about herself likes you a lot. It is also important for you to note if she gets jealous of you getting close to other girls.

6. If She Has Told Her Friends About You

It is an established fact that women function in close-knit groups. They discuss their likes and dislikes in their circle widely. The moment the women you admire mentions you to her friends, things take a turn for good. If you are the subject of the conversation she is having with her friends, it signifies that you are important to her and affect her. It also indicates that for all the time she was having the discussion with her friend she kept thinking of you. Keep an eye out for statements like “ The other day I was telling my friends…” or “My friend thinks (their common opinion about you)...”. Such statements reveal the kind of in-depth discussions that surround you as a subject. The best case scenario is when she wants to introduce you to her friends. Women generally seek their friend's approval before they settle for a guy. They pursue a psychological satisfaction which they get from approval of their closest peers. Be up for any plans that she chalks about for the future that contain you and her friends as it will help you attain the seal of approval you seek.

7. If She Uses The Body Language Gimmick

Women have a certain way of carrying themselves around men they like. It is only wise to be aware of these subtle body language signals that she emits as an invitation for the approach. Here are a few common ones of them:

  • Neck is a fairly sensitive part of female body. If a woman tilts her head to a side frequently, exposing her bare neck to you, it symbolizes her vulnerability. This is a clear sign of attraction that she is presenting to you.
  • Girls often indulge themselves in a kissing fetish. If you find a girl looking at your lips more than once, you are someone she really likes. She might be imagining how your lips would feel when they are on hers. Whether unconsciously or consciously, many women end up showing their interest in a man by highlighting her lips. She will draw attention to her lips by either licking them or biting them. Even if she re-applies her lipstick while making an eye contact with you, you are in for a treat.
  • Playing with her hair while talking to you can be her way of flirting. Running hands through hair, twirling her locks and flipping hair side often are signs that she is trying to get your focus on herself.
  • Women are well aware of men’s fetish for their bodily features. You will find that signs a girl likes you are evident if she is drawing attention to her assets by featuring a posture that helps her with it. Most women arch their backs around men they like, to accentuate their figures.

We hope all these points help you find an answer to the question “does she like me?” It is important to note here that while trying to delve deep into the mystery of whether a female likes you, you must ensure most of these pointers enlisted above tally when it comes to your girl. Only if more than 5 of these 7 points match can we claim that a girl likes you! Protection Status