Elevate Your Date

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55% of communication occurs through body language. Imagine arriving at a restaurant for dinner and immediately knowing what kind of wine to order. Order with confidence on a date, and you send a clear message: You know what you’re doing. When you share a nice bottle of wine you’re already on your way to having a successful date. Doing the research ahead of time lets you relax and focus on your date. Great bottles of wine start great conversations.

Know the Basics

Having some knowledge when you arrive makes it easier to relax and have confidence in yourself. If you speak to the sommelier, remember to be vocal about what you're interested in. Offering a description of the type of wine you want to drink shows you’ve done your homework. Remember, they are there to help you. If in doubt when ordering, always consider the setting and cuisine. If you’re in an Italian restaurant, it’s a safe bet to go for an Italian wine. Also keep in mind that lighter-bodied wines pair best with lighter meals, while big reds are best with meat and heavier dishes.

More Bang for your Buck

Purchasing a bottle is also great for your wallet and pallet. Not only is it cheaper than ordering by the glass, but an opened bottle of wine will evolve as your meal progresses. Often times, wines by the glass were originally offered by the bottle and have already been opened for several days, taking away from the original taste. Also keep in mind that when you don’t finish the bottle, you can put the cork back in and take it with you to enjoy together later.

Confidence is Sexy

Finding the right bottle of wine elevates a date. Don’t be intimidated by unfamiliar varietals and vintages. Doing 15 minutes of research before you show up will impress your date, let you relax, and allow you to focus on the person sitting across from you, not the wine list on the table.