4 Fool-Proof Ways to Create Instant Attraction

4 Fool-Proof Ways to Create Instant Attraction

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Have you ever wished you knew how to create instant attraction? Perhaps you’ve been there; you’re at a party, having a blast and suddenly your crush appears in your line of vision. You really want him to notice you, but you have no idea how to draw his attention and reel him in before some other girl gets her hooks in him. One of them is already walking his way…

What can you do to create instant attraction?

Build on Your Sex Appeal To Create Instant Attraction

As we have shared in the past, instant sex appeal is almost a sure-fire way to draw his attention from the beginning. While it takes things like personality, charm, similar goals, and much more to build an actual relationship, instant sex appeal is the lure that draws your fish to bite. Dressing in a way that makes you feel sexy is part of having instant sex appeal. Sure, you can copy all of the latest fashions and dress like the girls in most magazines, but if an outfit does not make you feel sexy, then chances are you won’t be sexy. Find that dress, hairstyle, makeup, and shoe combination that makes you feel like a million bucks, and when you walk into the party not only will his eyes be on you, but almost everyone will be looking your way.

Being confident is another way to have instant sex appeal. You can wear your confidence like a sexy new dress, and the right outfit can give you that confidence. Don’t be afraid to look your crush straight in the eyes and give him that look that says, “Don’t you want me, Baby?” A smoldering look that is part mischievous and part mystery can draw the attention of even the most distracted man and have him eating out of your hand. Once he sees that look and approaches you, continue to speak with confidence and self-assuredness. Just don’t confuse confidence with conceitedness. No man wants to feel inferior.

Feeding His Ego Can Also Create Instant Attraction

Another great way to create instant attraction from your crush is to feed the male ego. Men still love to feel needed and appreciated and by stroking his ego you can give him both. Making him feel good about himself and letting him know that he is needed are excellent ways to give his ego a boost and increase his attraction to you. Women often make the mistake of flippantly joking about how horrible men are, or how much women don’t need them. What we don’t realize is that men need to feel needed and when we stress how much we don’t need them; it can leave them feeling useless. If you do this to your crush, he is almost guaranteed to lose interest in you and move on to someone who doesn’t make him feel as though he has nothing to add to their life.

Of course, when you are just meeting a man or just getting to know him, there are not many ways to make him feel that you need him specifically but don’t degrade men in general or act as if men have no purpose on the planet. Let your conversation reveal small examples of how men contribute to society. On a personal level, give compliments freely. Smile, lock eyes, and tell him how sexy he looks, or mention how great his cologne smells. Most importantly, keep your attention focused on him above those around him. No guy wants a girl whose attention is more on his friends than on him.

Create Instant Attraction by Complimenting Yourself as Well

Women have been taught for centuries that we should not brag on ourselves or bring attention to our accomplishments too much. We are often carrying around years of being degraded, discarded, or ignored, and we somehow not only allow this behavior to continue, but we also contribute to it ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with highlighting your strong points, emphasizing your beauty, and showing off your sexiness. This plays right into the confidence that you show – the ability to show off who you are without coming across as vain or conceited.

Tell him something about yourself that is actually impressive. Have you won any awards? Done something exciting? Do you like to have fun, and make those around you enjoy themselves as well? Show him how exciting life can be when you’re around. Let him see how much he could enjoy it if you played a bigger part in his world.

Laughter Can Create Instant Attraction

Another way to create instant attraction between two people is to share lots of laughs. Relationship expert and author Esme Oliver shared with Bustle. “The best chemistry is laughter. Laughter is life's elixir and laughing will get you through the hard times. If you can laugh a lot with this person, you may just fall in love with them."

Laughter is not only the best medicine; it may just be the best glue for any relationship. A family who has been involved in the very worst possible fights can find themselves reunited over laughter. Friends who have let distance or time come in between them can find themselves right where they left off after sharing a few laughs. Couples who are almost on the edge of divorce can reignite their spark and even tighten their bond deeper than it ever was by allowing themselves to laugh at each other’s mistakes and move forward. If it can do all of that, just imagine what a little laughter can do between two people who are just getting to know one another.

Just Remember... In a world full of wars and crime and sickness and darkness, people just want to be around other people who can make them forget all of the drama for a while and enjoy life. If he sees you as a confident, sexy, beautiful, caring, happy woman who is full of life and lots of fun, he will automatically be attracted to you… and he will almost certainly come back for more.

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