Why He Loves It When You Frustrate Him

Why He Loves It When You Frustrate Him

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If you are one of those lucky women who has found one true love already then we wish you all the happiness in life. But especially those who are still hanging in there desperate to seek the answer of one eternal question, ‘what’s going on in his mind?'

Well, we might have some surprising here to offer!

Imagine dating a perfectly handsome guy who is gentle, polite and actually takes out time for you! It seems a little too good to be true, isn’t it? But honestly who doesn’t dream of dating a guy like that? How rare it might be, guys like this still exist!
Now imagine a guy similarly attractive, having an interesting personality but possessing a rather opposite character trait. He is secretive, mysterious and unpredictable. How unnatural it might seem, still owing to the basic human instinct you are bound to be drawn to the second person.

Wonder why?

The answer is simple - unpredictability attracts the human mind greatly. The person need not be a ‘bad boy’ with an enchanting personality as someone would term it. Simply the mysterious aura that surrounds the person will definitely attract you. His secretive nature will leave you restless and desperate to know him better, up close and personal.

Lack of consistency in your partner's behavior will excite you as in every step he keeps you guessing about his next move. The first person will call you time to time, keep promises and ultimately it will become a routine for you. He will make you question 'is this what I seek?' Well, the answer may be yes for the time being. But in the long run, this exact predictability can harm the relationship to the extent that it is completely damaged.

Suppose the second guy is constantly sending you mixed signals. What questions are likely to come to your mind? 'Does he love me?', 'Does he want me around?' These are exactly the intriguing questions that make you more attracted to your partner. Relationship experts and behavioral traits experts state that the frustration that arises from being in the dark about his mischievous nature is actually beneficial.

Doesn't it seem weird? Well not exactly. Just consider any experience when you repeatedly try to get some work done and return with an empty hand each time. The frustration that arises from failure can either make you vow never to try it again or it makes you determined to get it done as soon as possible and give your best shot. But ultimately when you get the work done the result becomes much more precious. The spirit of achievement becomes fulfilling and erases all bitter experiences.

Similarly, with people like these, you treasure every moment spent with them. How little time you spend together seems valuable and you want to cherish them for a lifetime. Getting a chance to spend quality time with him seems so rare and fulfilling that it drives out all the negativity and frustration. Being the sole receiver of his undivided attention, care is truly priceless. No wonder people who play hard to get are given so much importance!

Confused about making difficult life choices? Take a hint from Oscar Wilde who rightly states: "The essence of romance is uncertainty".

But all that glitters is not gold. Here are some things to be a little cautious about:

  • Role reversal: Don’t we all love to be in the limelight once in a while? Obviously yes! Using these intriguing character traits is obviously effective even for you. The intriguing personality of your man excites you and vice versa.

Playing a little hard to get is not at all harmful in a relationship. But only to the extent that the frustration is a temporary phase and is healthy. In the process be careful not to be too strict or impolite as you might end up upsetting a fruitful relation. Stimulation of frustration in a partner can only be used to attract him and not to rule out plans. Disrespectful behavior might pose a potential threat to the relation.

Similarly do not encourage if your partner bears signs of disrespect towards you or the relationship behind the pretention of being unpredictable. Ill-mannerisms should not be excused of any kind.

  • Stability can be fun too: taking a hint of many couples who have negated all the hindrances in their way, we can say that stability isn’t always boring. Deep down inside don’t we all seek a soul mate who accompanies us in health and sickness?

Instead of expecting your man to take up all the responsibility what if we treat it as teamwork to be completed with equal effort? Then the journey becomes smoother! Getting to know your partner better every day is like unfolding new adventures of a game. For sure in the long run, compatibility plays an important role. Make an effort to know your partner better to rekindle the romance.

Keep the excitement alive in a relationship. Instead of expecting perfection from your partner help him become the best version of him. Take hold of the situation, take up the initiative to make it long-lasting and fresh!

  • Be the master of your own happiness: the ultimate call you make will always be yours. It is advisable not to judge any situation in life in a hurry.

Meeting and dating a guy who always keeps you on the edge seems fun and exciting, but ask yourself 'is this what I truly want in life?' what if he starts behaving detached and too secretive to handle? The temporary fling now can seem like a lifelong burden. The continuous frustration and tension have the power to hinder your happiness and mental peace.

If the answer is choosing excitement over commitment than the answer is clear. The choice should be conscious one made rationalizing the situations. Realize what your heart truly seeks, leave no stones unturned and have zero regrets in life. Choose the ideal partner who matches your vibe!

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