How to Avoid the Easiest Relationship Mistake

How to Avoid the Easiest Relationship Mistake

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No matter what people say, breakups are not at all easy to handle. Don’t you think so?

For some, it can be a rescue, while for others, it can be very heartbreaking. Romance and relationships are sensitive and the chances of things taking wrong turns can often spring up, taking us off guard.

Romance is often blamed for putting up such facts that do not make sense, but it also is the sweetest thing that can give you the feeling of genuinely being happy. Sometimes, things being messed up without any explanation can ruin relationships and this one problem tends to be one of the most common problems.

Relationships that lead to marriages can also get messier if the proper care lacks by either of the partners. When we talk about marriages and divorces – well, mistakes are bound to happen, right?

But the chances of fixing it get pretty low, especially when the problems are more serious than usual. Some mistakes are not even serious but as we said before, you never know how things can take a turn.

If we think of a situation, where you and your boyfriend are supposed to meet your parents for dinner and he is very excited about something that has happened to him. After you ask him about his day, he spills the bean where he describes how his favorite football player has won the 'Man of the Match' award in the match. Now, the news might not excite you just like it did to him but your clear uninterested facial expression makes him feel like his happiness does not bother you. This exact thing, even though you both are about to meet your parents for the first time together can get messed and your partner might feel unwanted around you. This can be very serious and affecting the relationship and for him of course. Thoughts of him being unwanted can roam around his head all the time, even when he finally sits down with you for dinner in front of your parents. A slight part of his brain might be feeling happy and the other part might be overthinking if you still are into him.

Sometimes agreeing with your partner or supporting what they say is very important – these things make them feel wanted. And this feeling of being wanted is one of the most basic and important factors in any healthy relationship. Moreover, you would not like feeling unwanted by your partner, right?

Supporting your partner is important as it gives them the confidence and validation of you being completely attentive and focused. Even if the interests are different and the tastes are different, the acceptance of each other's genre is very important. In fact, the whole point of falling in love is all about exploring new things with a different human being and his point of view.  The intimacy and respect for each other grow and take a turn for a better relationship.

If you find yourself in a confusing position where you do not have the idea of how to handle situations, majorly focus on the parts below:

  1. Recognize success
  2. Acknowledge success
  3. Celebrate success

Let us now understand these parts in brief for a clearer picture.

Recognize success

The first thing you should be clear about is acceptance and the recognition of your partner’s happiness. Little smiles and small happiness matter a lot to many people, even if that means your boyfriend has got some extra pair of socks and he is clearly happy about it. You being a good partner should accept his childish yet valuable reason for happiness. A relationship might not be perfect but at least your partner must know that for you, his happiness even about small things, matters a lot. A relationship is just another term of friendship where you must be comfortable enough to share all about your likings and disliking without feeling unwanted.

Acknowledge success

When a person talks about his day to you, he wants you to acknowledge the incidents or the things he talks about. Generally, it is very important for a person to acknowledge the things their partner is talking about. Especially when it is directly related to the other partner.

Now, when it comes to acknowledging, there are different ways in which you can make your partner feel that you are genuinely interested. Not just verbally, but sometimes, your physical attitude is enough for your partner to understand if you really are into whatever they are saying or you are just listening. It is very important for your partner to feel that their happiness really matters a lot to you.

Celebrate Success

A relationship not just desires for romance and intimacy, but also some celebration. You may find people celebrating 4-6 months' anniversary and you also might feel that it is stupid. Celebrating anniversaries that are not even a year old might be stupid, but when you are in a relationship, romance enriches with celebration. Even if that means you and your partner go out for a small candlelight dinner, do not forget to celebrate your togetherness and success. Starting from surprising each other with small gifts to throwing surprise parties for an office promotion, every good news and your partner deserves celebration. As per most of the people who have been in long term relationships or are still in a relationship, celebrating special days tend to add more memories and bring two people closer than ever. It enhances not just emotional intimacy but also physical intimacy. Celebrations are important for another such reason which includes the interest and acknowledgment that you have for your partner. For example, if it is a big match day for your boyfriend, but he is not playing, encourage him and make him feel that just like him, you are interested too, and wish for his favorite team to win.

Remember that sometimes, being in a relationship is not all about acting like adults. For better stability and understanding, acting like kids can even work magically well! Protection Status