How To Get A Guy To Chase You: 10 Of The Most Useful Tactics You Will Ever Find

How To Get A Guy To Chase You: 10 Of The Most Useful Tactics You Will Ever Find

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Let us say that you have clicked on this article desperately hoping to get him to chase you. You most definitely have somebody in mind while reading this. So what can you do to ignite the passion in him and get him to go ga-ga over you?

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Start The Chase

Well, that is exactly what we are going to cover today. You should get settled in for one amazing lesson! It covers just about everything you need; from how to make yourself so irresistible to him. Even making him feel that he cannot help but pursue you as soon as possible.

Here are ten of the most useful tactics that you will ever find to get him to chase you.

1. Get Him To Chase You By Flirting Like You Mean It

Flirting is one of the most obvious tactics that we use to signal our interest to other people. But the problem is that most people tend to flirt wrong!

Okay...okay calm down I won't just drop that bombshell and not tell you what to do about it.

Well, the first step to flirting with men is to make good use of all of your Non-Verbal Signals. Whenever you are around him make sure you bridge the distance between the two of you. Extensive research on body language has proven that mirroring someone’s behavior instantly makes you seem more likable to them. So all of these non-verbal methods should be used whenever you are with him. It will add a lot more spice to your flirting game.

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Spice up your Flirting Game

Next on the list is to Make Your Flirting Count. Very often when people try to signal their interest there is little to no understanding of how to get their message across to the object of their affection.

What message are we talking about? Well, it is simple, how about "I like you." So flirting has to be done keeping in mind that the message is crystal clear to the person you are directing your attention to. You can do that by casually dropping hints about your ideal guy. Ask them for their opinion on general things, hang out with them a lot more, and above all make them laugh. Just make sure that all your flirting can not be confused with a platonic friendship.

Lastly, flirting is incomplete without some Verbal Or Written Back And Forth. So crack your knuckles and get down to writing some extremely flirty texts and pickup lines. Think of things you can say to draw him in. Don’t worry about being too outrageous, it might even surprise him. Just make sure that he does not feel uncomfortable.

Flirting with him is one of the simplest ways to get his engine running for you. It is a way to let him know that you are into him and want to take things forward. Give him that bait and he will fall hook line and sinker for you.

2. Make Him Chase You By Taking Time To Learn More

If you want to make a man chase you first you are going to have to do some groundwork. You have to give him a real reason to get that chase started in the first place. Here's how you are going to do it.

First, you will have to Take An Interest In Him. You probably already do that and know quite a lot about what he likes and dislikes. But now you're going to have to let him directly know how interesting you find him. You can do that by playing the 36-questions game with him and take it as a chance to delve deeper into his mind. The more questions you ask about his hobbies, interests, and the things he enjoys, the more romantically attached he will become to you. There is also a wide array of questions you can ask guys that range from funny and weird to more serious and interesting.

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Take An Interest In Things He Likes

In fact, if he starts sharing some of his weird niche interests with you then kudos on your admirable groundwork!

I mean, what is more, alluring than someone who genuinely wants to get to know you. Most likely he will not have had the experience of sharing this kind of information with anyone else. That being said once you play this game there is no going back. After all, these are 36 questions for him to fall in love with you.

3. Make A Man Chase You By Avoiding The Pretense And The Rose Colored Lens

I know, given that you like him, you want to be interested in all the things he likes. If you follow the previous tactic well, he is going to share a lot of information about himself with you. Now the chance of you liking one of his hobbies is not always a hundred percent.

So what do you do if you are not that into his niche interest, possibly like collecting stamps?

The first thought that might pop into your head is to go with the flow and to learn as much as you can about stamps. Maybe you will even tell him that you have your stamp collection. Let's just say by the end of this charade you end up selling your house to buy the most expensive stamp in the world just to impress him.

What? It could happen.

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Be Authentic With Him

Nevertheless, this kind of make-believe act really won’t work on him. So you do not have to pretend to like the things he likes just to attract a man. Honestly, what is the use of being chased by him if you are not even the person who he thinks he is chasing? Basically, leave the smoke and mirror show for a circus. You should be authentic.

Also if he does have some truly wacky interest, let him know that he is not alone and share one of your own. C'mon, I know you have something like that up your sleeve!

4) Get A Guy To Chase You By Not Being Afraid Of All Your Quirks

A lot of magazines and articles will tell you to change up aspects of yourself to make him want to chase you. That you should hide your weird likes, and odd interests just to appear acceptable and more "normal." The real truth is that advice like that will not help you in the long run.

To get a man to chase you there has to be something he would want to chase, right? Nobody wants to pursue someone with a personality as bland as rice.

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Show Him Who You Really Are

So here is the low down. All of the Unique Aspects Of You should most definitely be on display for him. You will want to stand out from the crowd so that he notices you. If you have watched "How I Met Your Mother" you know that the yellow umbrella stands out from the sea of grey. So be that yellow umbrella and don't be afraid to be you. This will stay in his mind and make him want to chase you.

5. Make A Man Chase You By Challenging Him And Being The Challenge

How to make a guy chase you? Well, it is really easy once he starts wanting you.

There are only two things that will make a man want you. These two qualities are irresistible and honestly a bit hard to master. But if you want the chase to begin then you will have to work on mastering this. Don't worry I am about to lay every step out for you. So that by the end of this you will become a force to reckon with!

The first attractive quality is to Be The Challenge For Him. Nope, I'm not talking about having a wrestling competition with him. That would be quite fun for sure, but I am referring to the level of mystery you can bring into his life. You do not have to share everything about yourself with him. In fact, there are many interesting things you can save for later.

Make plans with him but not too frequently. This will ensure that he has time to miss you and think about you a lot more. This kind of mystery about you will make the pursuit a lot more interesting for him. Here, you will be the puzzle for him to figure out and feel challenged by.

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Be Assertive And Challenge Him

Another part of being challenging is to Challenge Him. You can do this by injecting a bit more assertiveness into the things you do. You can start interesting debates, ask him more questions on current affairs, and find a way to verbally spar with him. Don't be afraid to teach him new things and to expand his horizon. Just make sure that you are not coming across as condescending. Because one thing that everyone hates is being spoken to as if they are an incompetent toddler. So be a challenge for him and certainly don't take anything lying down.

These two pointers make up the first attractive quality that a guy looks for in a partner. The second one is given below so keep reading on. It is a guarantee that if you follow through with these tips you'll become the kind of person that he can't help but chase.

6. He Will Want To Chase You If You Let Him Know What He Is Missing Out On

One main part of the chase is to let him know all that he could stand to gain by being with you. This is again the spot where your uniqueness and your personality have space to shine through.

In an avalanche of phonies, he wants Someone Who Is Authentic and not afraid to be themselves. Not only that, being independent and not constantly waiting around for him is also something that will pique his interest.

You can be sure that he will be drawn to someone who is so truly themselves that there is no space for anything else.

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Show Him Your Qualities And Make Him Want You

Make sure you give him a chance to see you in your natural habitat. Take him to restaurants that you like, movies that you want to see, let him be a part of your hobby time. The more that he sees these parts of you the more alluring and delectable you become to him.

7. How To Get A Guy To Chase You By Not Being At His Beck And Call

One of the biggest problems when waiting for him to begin pursuing you is feeling like you need to pounce on each of his advances. The moment he sends you a message you might feel the urge to reply instantly with a barrage of texts. You may want to keep the conversation moving forward with new topics, more to share, and stuff to speak about. Every time he makes a plan you instantly jump on it and cancel anything else you have got planned.

Although you may be desperate for this chase to start and for him to fall for you this is not the way to go about it.

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Don't Rush To Make Things Happen

The best thing you can do for yourself is to Take Things Real Slow. The thing is that the chase will not happen if you are always available, always free, and always at his mercy. The need for a chase can only begin if there is a demand for your time and your company.

You are the only one who can make that happen.

If you feel tempted to instantly respond to him then you need to keep yourself busy. Take up a new course, find an exciting hobby, and maybe meet your friends more often. You also need to know when to Be Independent. This is going to be one of the most useful factors that will stop you from clinging to him. Your independence is going to keep you from rushing after him whenever he sends you a text.

As I mentioned above there are two powerful qualities that will make a man start wanting you. Being independent is the second most important quality that will get him to feel this way and make him want to win you over.

8. Confidence Is The Key To Your Castle And Your King

A guy will automatically that you are not worth the chase if he sees that you don't value yourself. I mean why would he value you if you don’t do the same for yourself. If you feel that you are lacking in confidence don’t start panicking.

Here is one main thing that you can do to reclaim the keys to your castle.

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Learn To Be Confident

You need to start by having Strong Opinions And Values for how you want to live your life. He needs to see you as someone who is decisive and knows what they want. When he sees that kind of drive within you he won’t be able to look away. Basically, you have put a lot of thought into who you are and what you are doing. A person who does that comes across as self-assured and ready for anything.

He would want to chase someone who has it all together, and guess what you are going to be his desirable girl!

9. Don't Let Him Go Discount Shopping For You

I get that you probably want to get into a car and drive away with him to a deserted island as soon as possible. But this kind of thinking is going to make you lose sight of what the chase is all about.

The chase is about that feeling of adrenaline when getting to know someone and wanting them to be yours. How is that going to happen for him if you are so eager to please him whenever he bats an eyelid?

Yes, it is hard to remain at a distance and allow things to cook up on their own. You know what though when that pot eventually bubbles over you will not believe how much he will want you. So try your best to be patient and give him some space to start wanting you. Remember that you do not owe him anything. Not your time, or your effort, or your company. The more you tell yourself that the more you will be the kind of person that he cannot wait to be around. So start by thinking of all the qualities and factors that make you who you are. Those are all the amazing things that add to your entire value.

Why then would you want to put it all on discount when you can seal the deal for what you are truly worth?

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Make Him Value You

So above all, be you and let him get a hold of that!

Now all these tips are designed to make you be the best version of yourself. Because that is the kind of person who no man can ever resist. The only thing is that self-love does not work in isolation. There, is in fact, one other lesser-known tidbit about men that is still being researched to this day. It is quite a powerful tactic when used we because it taps into the way men’s' brains work. Are you intrigued? Well, read on ahead and don't forget to keep practicing this tip. It is the hardest but most potent tactic you'll have when making a guy want to chase you.

10. Get A Guy To Chase You By Tapping Into The Hidden Secrets Of Male Psychology

Before you get started with this you need to know one fundamental thing. Psychology is not something to be messed around with or taken lightly. It is a strategy that taps into the brain through subtle channels. So once you start applying it you can be sure to see results soon enough.

The first psychological tactic to make a man want to chase you is to tap into his Sense Of Humor. Once you start making him laugh regularly you will be seared in his mind. Go and try it once, it will instantly make him start looking at you in a new light. But don't pressure yourself to make jokes every few minutes. Take it easy and treat it like a casual conversation with him. The more he sees you at ease and enjoys your humor the better it is for you.

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Interact With His Friends

The second powerful way is to Become Friends With People In His Close Circle. Now wait a second, you may be thinking that suddenly injecting yourself into his friend group might come across as a bit creepy. You are damn right! You do not have to stalk each of his friends and make complex flowcharts about them. Nor do you have to follow them into a dark alley and threaten them into becoming friends with you. Be assured that this trick is as harmless as it is effective.

Firstly you will have to find out who his close friends are. Check out the ones who seem to be the most similar to you or who you think you can vibe with. Then get talking! Once he sees how well you get along with his pals, he too will take more of an interest in you.

Plus it will not hurt your chance to have some of his buddies talk you up in front of him! That will earn you so many bonus points.

Lastly, there is one psychological tactic that will work on every single man! It is a very interesting one that often gets overlooked. It involves Making Him Feel Needed. It is the most subtle and understated tip out there.

You can start doing it in the simplest ways imaginable. Try asking him for small favors or things that you need help with. You can do this once in a while so that it does not come across as being needy. By asking him for some help or advice you will make him feel like he is needed. He will start thinking of himself as someone who you can lean on or even see himself as a rescuer.

You can continue this for a while until he seems hooked and then when you are sure just completely stop asking him for help. This way he wishes to chase after you hoping to feel needed again.

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Get Your Man To Chase You

Male psychology is a potent technique that will help you hit all the criteria for what a man wants. Why don’t you start trying all of these useful tactics to get a guy to chase you. You will start seeing the results very soon. Just make sure you don’t do anything to make him lose interest! Protection Status