How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You Using All of His Senses

How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You Using All of His Senses

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We have all heard it said that men are very visual creatures. For this reason, you will often focus mainly on physical appearances when trying to figure out how to make a guy fall in love with you.

You will put on your sexiest clothes, have your hair and nails done, and have your makeup so fleek that Snapchat filters have nothing to do.

But that is just using one of his senses to make a man fall for you. Why not use all five of them? In order to make a man think about you all the time, you want to embed your essence on him.

You can do this by planting memories within his five senses. His vision, taste, smell, touch, and hearing will all be invaded by enticing thoughts of you.

Chances are, You’re Already There

If you are reading this article, there is a very good chance that you were searching the internet for “how to make men fall in love with you.” Odds are, if you are trying to find out how to make a man fall in love with you, then you are already in love with him, or at least close to it.

It is not likely that you would be searching for what makes a man fall in love with you if you did not already have strong feelings for the man in your life.

There is also a good chance that you have seen many other articles on the topic of how to make men want you.

Most of them have probably given you ideas of how to impress him with your beauty, entice him with your body, and make him want you sexually. While this is a good strategy to start with, it eventually falls flat.

Let’s face it, there are billions of sexy, beautiful women in this world and likely hundreds of them that he is in direct contact with.

Making a man want you based solely on looks and sexuality will only work short term because there will soon be a fresh, new face to look at. What can you do to set yourself apart from the competition?

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It’s Always Best to Be Yourself

Before we can take a look at any other method for how to make a guy want you, it is important to understand that you have to be yourself.

It is so easy for us to try and be like all of the other women around us who we think are sexier, prettier, smarter, or more interesting, but being a cookie cutter copy won’t get your man. A man wants someone unique that he can call all his own. Let that someone be you.

It is also important to note that people who go into relationships pretending to be like someone else are setting themselves up for failure.

No one can keep up such appearances forever, and eventually the real you will come out. If the real you is not the girl he fell in love with, then he will lose interest very quickly.

So, remember, your goal is to use the tips that I am giving you here to make him fall in love with the real you. As one article explains, you have to be different.

Don’t Copy Him, Either

While it is vital not to be a copy of every girl around, it is also important not to copy him, either. Many of the latest articles on how to make a man want to be with you will advise you to try and be into the things that interest him.

While it is good to form a connection over similar interests, let those interests be real. Once again, pretending to be someone that you are not will set you up for failure.

It is okay to admit that you aren’t crazy about every single one of his interests. It is not okay, however, to degrade or ridicule his choice of entertainment. So, he is into football and you think it is the dumbest thing ever? Don’t tell him that!

Just connect with him by focusing on the things that you do have in common rather than expressing your distaste for his interests that do not interest you. When his favorite team is playing, you could choose to make snacks and such for him while he watches.

Or you may choose to use this time to express some independence and do your own thing. This is one of the most important steps in what makes a man fall in love.

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Do Not Be Too Clingy

Speaking of independence, it is absolutely mandatory that you never allow yourself to become too clingy. Some readers may remember the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

The main character was a writer who was tasked with the job of making a man fall in love and then losing him within a 10-day period. Her main strategy to run the guy off was to become far too clingy and dependent on him. Guys hate that.

Instead of being needy and making him feel that you have to be with him all of the time, let him see that you can function just fine on your own.

If he is doing something that you just are not into, you do not have to pretend to love it just so you can be with him. Use that time to enjoy your interests that he really isn’t into. Clinging to a man is not how to make a guy fall in love with you.

What About Those 5 Senses?

Okay, yes, I know, I promised to share with you how to draw a man in by using all of his 5 senses. It was important that I lay a few ground rules first, however, and we have gone over them.

Now that we have established the importance of being yourself and retaining a bit of your independence, let’s look at how to make a man want to be with you by awakening his 5 senses and focusing all of them on you.

If you can pull this off, he will not be able to get you off of his mind.

Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch; all of these senses can be activated to cause a man to think of you constantly. You can do this by anchoring each of these senses to a pleasing memory of you.

How many times has a certain scent, sound, song, taste, vision, or feeling caused you to feel nostalgia and miss a former time? We are going to examine how to create that nostalgia in your man every time he is away from you.

You can use all of his senses as to how to make a man want to be with you.

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Let Him See You

At the beginning of this article, I expressed that it is important not to use only your looks to draw a man. While it is vital to entice the other senses, you do still want to give him a sight that he cannot soon forget.

After all, you want to let a man know that you take pride in your appearance and that you take care of yourself. After all, sight is the first sense that he will be using to make his impression of you.

Spend that extra time and money on your hair and nails, wear that sexy outfit, and smile your brightest smile. Take time with your makeup but be sure not to go overboard.

Walk with sexy confidence and let his first impression of you be that you are worth taking the time to get to know. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing, but let his imagination keep wondering what more there is to see long after you’ve left him.

Meet him somewhere for the first date so that you can give a grand entrance. Now his sense of sight is connected to that memory of you. That’s how to use his 1st sense as to how to make men fall in love with you.

Take Time to Smell…

Okay, so we have worked on the first of his senses. You have given him a memory of sight that he will be thinking about for some time. Even though he has probably seen you before several times, he had never seen you until now.

Now, we need to work on his sense of smell. Before you meet him, choose a perfume that you want to be your signature. It can be any brand that you like, but try to choose a sexy scent.

The scent that you have chosen will be your signature scent when you are with him. Apply it where you can easily let him smell it without being too obvious. On the neck, wrists, in your hair, all over.

When you are with him, pay close attention. At those times when you can tell that he is really enjoying himself, lean forward, swing your hair, let your scent permeate the air.

That scent will be attached to a happy time for him. That is how you can use his 2nd sense as to how to make a guy want you.

It’s All in the Touch

During these times that you have him laughing, turned on, or excited and you are leaning in so that he can smell your perfume, you might also choose to activate sense number 3, his sense of touch.

While you are leaning over him, if it is comfortable to do so, take the opportunity to gently touch his arm, stroke his hand, or even rub his thigh. Let the sight of you and the smell of you mingle with a pleasant touch.

Now his memory will be filled not only with gorgeous sight of you, and the enticing scent of you but also with an exciting and familiar sense of touch. Of course, these light touches will likely turn him on, and have him concentrating closely on every word you say.

You may even be able to dab a bit of your perfume on his clothes so that he is still thinking of you when you are long gone. This is how to use his 3rd sense as to how to make a man fall in love with you.

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Invigorate His Taste

There are actually 2 ways that you can choose to awaken his taste buds and awaken his 4th sense, his sense of taste. The first would depend on whether or not you are a good cook or know where to get some really good food catered.

It can also work in a nice restaurant. If your date is planned around a meal, it is important that the meal is exceptionally decadent.

For this meal, you will want to choose only the best foods and rich desserts. Of course, it would be best if you could cook the meal yourself and impress him with your culinary skills, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Just make sure that the food which touches his lips during this time is extraordinary so that your memory is once again linked to a pleasant use of his senses.

You may also choose to entice his sense of taste with your choice of lipstick or gloss. You can pick a brand that has flavors which he may like.

Just like the perfume, you might even want to pick a signature flavor that he tastes every time he kisses you. This 4th sense is yet another example of how to make a man want you.

And Finally, His Hearing

Just like the taste, activating his sense of hearing will depend on the atmosphere. Unless you can sing to him, you may have to depend on certain songs and mood music to pull this off.

If you are in a location where you can choose the music, pick a few songs that are sure to “put him in the mood.” That anchors a pleasurable experience with the time with you.

You should also choose a few songs that are popular at the moment. Pick from songs that are in his favorite genre that will be playing on the radio, in stores, on television. This is important for anchoring his sense of hearing to you.

Now, every time he hears these songs, his subconscious will automatically pull up alluring thoughts of you.

All Together Now

As you may have already realized, the main goal of using all of these methods together is to anchor his subconscious to seductively pleasant memories of you. Every time he sees you, he will remember the feeling from that first time.

Every time he smells your perfume, he will feel that pleasure that he felt as you laughed and touched him. Your touch will be familiar and tempting to him. His memories of you will center around delectable tastes, enjoyable sounds, and exciting smells.

The subconscious is a very powerful tool to use to anchor pleasant memories, and by using all of his senses to reach the subconscious, you have made sure that you will be on his mind constantly.

You can see now why it is important not to stop at how you look, but to awaken every one of his five senses when working on how to make a guy fall in love with you.

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