How to Spot a Cheater

How to Spot a Cheater

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You deserve to be applauded if you have made it this far in life without getting cheated on. The risk of getting cheated on when you are in a committed relationship can be as high as 25 percent. It is obvious that if you are not in a committed relationship, the odds of getting cheated on are even higher. If a man hasn’t committed to you or discussed being exclusive, he is much more likely to be sleeping with multiple partners.

If you want to know whether a guy is going to cheat on you, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the different personality profiles out there. Apparently, cheaters have increased testosterone levels, they are more impulsive in nature, they are likely to be overly concerned about their sexual performance and they tend to display some amount of moral ambivalence towards cheating.

However, new studies have utilized a different approach to examine how people resist temptation when they are in a committed relationship. Seems like there are two strategies that have proven highly effective in helping men and women stay faithful to one another. But they are probably not what you think!

Let’s first take a look at what doesn’t work:

  • Thinking that date nights and a lot of hot sex will strengthen your relationship and keep it from straining further.
  • Staying away from external sources of temptation like perhaps indulging in a conversation with an attractive co-worker.
  • Feeling guilt over experiencing attraction towards somebody apart from your partner.

Well, a meaningful relationship doesn’t necessarily help you resist temptation but here are a couple of things that actually work! If you want to learn how to be faithful to your partner, read on.

Believing that your partner is genuinely more attractive than everybody else

Wearing rose-tinted glasses is the simplest way to make your relationship thrive. If you believe your partner is stronger, funnier, smarter and hotter than anybody you have met or could ever meet, your relationship surely has solid footing – even if you’re probably the only one to think that way!

So pay some heed to what colour glasses your guy is wearing. Does he think you are absolutely amazing or does he often compare you to other women? The latter could be a sign that he is not equipped to resist temptation so you better watch out!

Not getting caught up with staring at other women

You and your guy could be walking down a street when a sexy lady strolls past. Now if your guy is the regular kind of guy, he would naturally notice but if he is the faithful kind of guy, we would consciously switch his attention back to you almost immediately. It’s like he was saying, “That’s alright, the only sexy woman I care about is the one I’m walking with.”

Men who cheat have a difficult time disengaging. When they see a sexy woman, it’s hard to pull away because they are not just looking at her – they’re probably fantasizing. In a lot of ways, this is all common sense. If a guy doesn’t value you, he’s likely to cheat on you. And if he loses his attention every time a pretty woman walks past, he’s probably already cheating!

What you need to realize is the measures we usually take to prevent cheating, like strengthening our relationship or avoiding temptation altogether, don’t actually work. It’s important to find a guy who thinks the sun rises and sets with you and who won’t care to look at another girl when he is in your company. Those are your best chances of staying strong for the long haul. Protection Status