25 Free Music Downloaders for 2018

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The world is now moving towards digitization and many applications are being developed for the comfort of users. Music is almost liked by all, no doubt the taste may be different but everybody loves to have the best music downloader to find his/her best music easily. Music downloader basically transfers the digital data of music to the device that can decode and play music. Such devices include a computer, smartphone, tab etc. In this article, we will discuss the top music downloader for various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc.

Top 7 Music Downloaders for MAC

1. KeepVid Music

Keepvid music is the best music downloader for Mac operating system. This program enables you to discover and download music easily and it also provides you the option get the music videos to MP3 without any extra conversion process. The downloader works with 10,000 video and music sites perfectly. It provides you the option to choose the songs from 300,000 songs. KeepVid music provides a friendly user interface with large buttons and status bars that are easy to navigate. It enables the connectivity of more than one device simultaneously so that you can transfer the file to multiple devices at one go. The best option is it provides the direct option to convert the music from YouTube to MP3.

2. Frostwire

Frostwire is multitasking free music downloader software that also works as a radio player and music database. The tool allows you to search the music from the famous sound cloud so that you can get the variety of songs at one place. You can download the multiple files at the same time with Frostwire. It provides download at a high speed and you can check the download speed at the integrator bar. Frostwire works in the same fashion as that of the torrent. Enter the item you want to search, choose the option and press right click to download.

3. iMusic:

iMusic downloader is considered as the best software for Mac and Windows operating system. iMusic gives you the option to pick the songs from a vast variety as it is connected with 3000 music sites. It also supports various video websites. It supports ID3 tags and keeps a record of the information about the files user is downloading such as artist, album, genre and many other details. iMusic gives you the audio and video downloads in high-quality MP3 and MP4 format. You can export the music from iTunes library and also burn the stored music directly to a CD or DVD.

4. SoundCloud Downloader

As the name suggests, this music downloader works perfectly with SoundCloud. It is well renowned for its fast downloading speed in an efficient way. There is no limitation on the number of downloads but if you choose batch downloading then you can download only 5 tracks at a given time. To download a song with the tool, either you can enter direct sound cloud URL or you can search the item in the main window. Further press the download button for the song you would like to listen. It supports multiple downloads and also needs minimalist interface.

5. Vuze

Vuze is a good music downloader for free music download. It gives you the facility to download music from many websites and also allow downloading of torrent files. Vuze is a free tool and available with advanced functionalities for fast and efficient download. On the upper left side of the interface, search the music in the large bar. Then songs will be downloaded directly to the desired location from where you will have the direct access. It downloads the files at very fast speed and you also get the information from where you have downloaded a song, download speed and quality of the track. Must go for Vuze to experience the wonderful world of music download.

6. Media Drug

Media drug is the free downloader that is famous for its powerful functionalities. It is indeed the best free music downloader for Mac available in the market. You can browse new downloads and albums easily and this feature makes the tool better as compared to others. You can even download the entire album at once that is really great. Media drug is a nice app if you are crazy to experience the music world in a unique way. It is easy to use interface and gives you to access a grand database of music files. Here is the download link:

7. Miro:

It is an effortless music downloader where you can download the music at your own leisure. It is a one-stop solution to download, play songs and convert. It enables you to convert and synchronize music to your device. You can also download torrents with Miro that is the reason why it is considered suitable for any kind of job.

Top 7 Music Downloaders for Windows

1. Freemake YouTube to MP3 boom

As the name suggests, it is free software for downloading music in windows. It provides you the opportunity to grab the thousands of music files from YouTube. Freeware follows the strategy of the search engine as you enter your request and get the result options from where you choose the desired option and get the music on your device. You can also directly paste the URL of YouTube video and paste it into the software to download the song. The software also encapsulates a player where you can listen to a music file before downloading it actually. For bulk download, it has ‘Download All’ option.

2. MP3Jam

MP3Jam is a free music downloader that supports multi-threaded file downloads that means you can download from multiple sources at the same time. It also allows for multiple downloads simultaneously. MP3Jam has an amazing feature of hashtag search that helps you in searching the music of particular genres. It provides you the highest quality music up to 320 kbps. If you want to enjoy unlimited music downloads you must go for paid option otherwise it allows you to download only 5 tracks every 25 minutes.

3. SDownload

This is free music downloader for windows that allows you to download the songs with a single click from SoundCloud. You can customize settings like artwork, title, author and other ID3 information while adding the music to your library. So it makes the entire process of downloading simple and reliable. It also gives the option of iTunes compatibility. So with SDownload you can download any song at high speed on SoundCloud.

4. Songr

It is a free music downloader where you can search and download music easily. Although the tool is based on utilitarian interface, its functioning is smooth and reliable. You can easily download the Songr from Softonic. Songr uses the complete web to search your queries. It provides you to search on different criteria like based on song title, album, artist name or a part of lyrics. The songs of different duration or bitrate are shown separately in the search results giving you the vast criteria to pick the best option. Before downloading the song, you can check the information about the artist and listen to music with its inbuilt player.

5. qBittorrent

Torrent client is a good option to download the huge uncompressed files and qBittorrent is the best due to its amazing features like fast downloading, no ads and can handle large size files. It supports the sharing of huge size files such as uncompressed WAV or AIFF, high-quality FLAC and new generation studio quality master files that makes the qBittorent the most favored option. Otherwise, such huge files take unlimited time to get the download. Before downloading a torrent, you need a client program and no option is better than qBittorrent. You can download music from multiple hosts simultaneously and you get your files quickly. Click on the link to download qBittorrent.

6. MP3Rocket

It is basically video to audio convertor that works efficiently with Windows platform. It uses YouTube as a primary source but you can also switch to music tracks under Creative Commons license tab and get the music from other locations such as ccMixter, SoundCloud, Jamendo etc. You choose any option but you always get the tracks in MP3 format with a quality of 256 kbps. MP3Rocket gives many features in its free version but to access even better quality, you can purchase PRO version to get 320 kbps quality music files. The exciting features of MP3Rocket include direct transfer to iTunes, music preview, fast music search, and download history.

7. Free Music and Video Downloader

It is basically a small music downloader for windows that you can easily download from SnapFiles. It is available as Zip file, so it need not be installed, just run the EXE app. The tool gives you the option to download the music from various sources like Grooveshark, SoundCloud, Sogou etc. This is up to you which resource you prefer to get your music. Enter your song title, artist name and brand name as a query in search bar, the tool brings the results from different sites with all possible music versions. Just double-click on the song line to download. You can also check the song preview before downloading. The best thing is the tool is ad-free.

Top 7 Music Downloaders for Android

1. Google Play Music

Google has now become the part of almost every technology so it has also spread its wings in the music industry. Google Play Music the fully loaded platform where you can find tons of tracks. This is the android app from where you can download music in various formats such as MP3, WMA, ACC, FLAC, and OGG. You only need a Google account to get the music on your device.  It is also having an inbuilt radio for offline entertainment.

2. Songily

There are many options available for Android users to choose the music downloader app but still Songily has its special recognition as it has proved itself in satisfying the people by providing the songs in the required quality. You can search and play music online. It also allows you to directly download the mp3 file of songs and this is the only reason behind its popularity. Once downloaded, you can share the music with your friends and family without any cost.

3. Download MP3 Music

This android app lets you download MP3 for free and you can also share and transfer the music in any other device or it can also be shared in another app like audio cutter etc. The app offers quite a user-friendly interface that is the reason that in spite of containing ads, it is very popular among Android users. You can search the music anytime, can play online or can download in your device according to your wish.

4. Saavn

Saavn Music is a very popular Android app because of its huge library of music containing all type of music like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, English, other regional language songs and also radio stations. It also gives you the option to choose and listen songs according to your artist choice. You can create your own playlist and share with your friends. Saavn app is available in two versions: Free version does not allow you to save the songs offline but you can enjoy the music if you have an internet connection. Pro version is paid and ad-free where you can download the music and enjoy it later offline. Saavn has the special feature that you are notified of the latest releases.

5. Wynk Music

Wynk is getting popularity with time because of its attractive and user-friendly interface. Till the time it has become the most used android application for downloading music. It contains the collection of 1.8 million songs globally where you can download as well as stream the music. You can search based on genres, artists, moods etc. and you can find every kind of music such as old, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, English etc on Wynk. The app is best for Airtel users as it provides the premium version free of cost to its users whereas other users need to take a subscription plan of Rs 99 per month for Pro version. The free version has various limitations so everyone chooses Premium Wynk.

6. Gaana

This is specially developed according to Indian taste. It contains songs of almost all genres and languages of India. So this is also considered as the best music downloader app that enables you to search among a collection of 10 million songs. The app also contains the already genre based created playlists that you can access directly and you can also create your own collection according to your choice.

7. SoundCloud

Sound Cloud is the popular free streaming android application that allows you to download the songs in your device so that you can later listen to your music offline. Free version is also enough but the user can get annoyed with ads so one should pay a little to experience the glamorous world of music with SoundCloud. You can search your music by putting any query in SoundCloud search option.

If this is not enough, and you wanna try some more, then you can go through our list Ultimate List of Music Downloaders for Android. We have created a list of 25 awesome Android apps that allow you to download or stream music for free.

7 Top Music Downloaders for iOS:

1. Spotify Music

Spotify is more popular in the United States as it is the service that provides best music service to the iPhone users. You can search tracks by their genres such as rock, classical, country, and others. If you want a track just put your query in the search option and you will be served with the right feed. Spotify basically is used for streaming purpose but it also gives the option of saving the tracks offline. It also updates you with new artists and songs so it provides a promotional chance to new artists.

2. Free MP3 Box

It is a free streaming app for iPhone users and it is considered the best music downloader app. It allows you to stream any song on the basis of YouTube search. It allows you the exciting option of searching by hashtags like #trend, #bestof10years, #rock etc. You can also collect your favorite compositions in Favorite option. It gives you the option of listening free radio too.

3. Tidal

Tidal provides you an opportunity to get the high-quality music tracks with the subscription charges of $19.99 per month. The app offers very good functionality as you can share as well as save your music offline in your iPhone and listen to it without internet connection anytime. While saving, you can download the music as a complete album or a complete playlist.

4. Google Play Music

This app is available not only for android rather it works very well for iPhone users too. Thanks to Google developers who have not limited their functionality to only Android users. The free version allows only online steaming but if you want to save the music on your device, you need to take the subscription for $1.99 per month.

5. Deezer

It is also the popular music downloader for iOS. It enables you to save the music on your device with the monthly subscription of $6 per month. But the only limitation is if you uninstall or delete the app from your device, the saved music will be automatically get deleted.

6. Groove

Similar Google Music store by Google, Groove by Microsoft offers multiple platform services. So Groove works nicely for both Android and iOS. It offers you the high-quality music over 40M without ads with the only $9.99 monthly subscription. You can download your favorite albums and tracks on your iPhone with the help of Groove. Before purchasing, you can also try its 30-day trial version to decide whether you should proceed with it or not.

7. Freegal Music

Freegal Music is the well-renowned app for iOS users because of having a grand library of songs. It gives you the platform of 7 million songs from where you can choose according to your wish. It allows you to choose the songs and artists from all over the world.

Top Music Downloaders for Linux

1. Music Download Centre

It is now very easy to find any music on the internet but if you want to save the music offline you need music downloader. Songr can easily fulfill your all requirements. But to work with Linux platform, it needs an interface. So in order to download the music in your Linux based device, install Music Download Centre. It is free of cost and available in almost all languages. It allows you to discover and download music from the internet. You can share music over social media networks. It also gives the option of online radio to listen to the music.

2. gSharkDown

gSharkDown is a desktop application for Linux users that allows download and play audio files from the official website grooveshark.com. Without opening the browser, you can search, listen and download the music on your device with just one click. It is very easy to use service. It provides you the song information with the picture of the album. It also notifies you of track change.

3. Media Drug

It is always a laborious task to download the entire album of your favorite artist at once. Media Drug allows you to do the same. First, you can listen to your favorite songs with the online player and if you want to save it to your desktop, you can download it easily with Media Drug. It is a free music downloader for Linux users. Any update or new version will be made available by the media drug website without any charges. You can also create a playlist of your favorite songs.

4. Flvto Video Converter

It is the best music downloader for Linux. From the name, it appears as if it is just the converter but actually it works according to your requirements. It works in cooperation with YouTube. Just copy the URL of YouTube video of the song, you like and then put it in the input box of Flvto Video Converter. Click “Convert to” button and get your music file into your device.