Open a New Chapter in Life and Get Him Back!

Open a New Chapter in Life and Get Him Back!

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When a woman has lost the man of her dreams, she will often look for ways to get him back. Of course, before she can get to this part of her story, she may go through somewhat of a grieving phase; eating ice cream from the tub while watching romance movies all night. In the movies, an unexpected event can actually help push a couple back together. Well, you know what they say, “Sometimes life is like the movies.”

Hardships Could Win Him Back

Most of the time when this happens in a movie, the couple finds themselves facing a hardship or crisis that they must battle as a team. If two people were actually meant to be together, they may find that their love is rekindled while fighting this battle. A woman may find that this was the way to get him back even though it was not planned to be that way.

What is the Key to Get Him Back?

In most cases, the situation that I have described above will work simply because the couple has found a way to bond because of a shared enemy. The mentality that it is “us against the world,” can sometimes draw a couple closer together, and make them forget their differences. This could be the key to win a man back.

While these movies are made-up scenarios that are not really likely to happen in real life without some help, you could use their storylines to give you ideas of how to get him back. When two people have to join together against another person, event, or idea, they will usually bond deeper than they were before.

You Might Not Get Him Back With “No Contact”

Many women may try different strategies to get him back on their own. The “No Contact Strategy,” for example, is one method that can sometimes work for women who are trying to win back a man. This idea basically consists of ignoring your man for a certain period of time and hoping that it will give him time to miss you and come crawling back.

Unfortunately, for some couple this no contact method could backfire. Even though this rule is listed in many articles about winning back your man, if he’s just not that into you, then going no contact will just give him time to find someone else. If that is the case, then you truthfully should do the same. After all, if he doesn’t love you then you don’t want to get him back.

Trying to Get Him Back Alone Might Not Work

It could also be that attempting to rekindle that fire all by yourself to get him back won’t be possible. It is a known fact that when one person tries to put a relationship back together, the other person often resists. It is natural for most men to push back if they feel that someone is trying to push them towards something. You want to be careful not to trigger that instinct if you want to get him back.

If he feels pushed to go back with you, it could make him hyper-focus on all of the reasons why you two split in the first place. If he is constantly focused on the bad in your relationship, it will be hard to convince him that getting back together is a good idea. You want to remind him of the good without triggering memories of the bad.

When His Logic Stops You from Getting Him Back

If the man is always reminded of the bad times in your relationship, or constantly thinking about how bad it was when you broke up, his logical mind will make it very hard for you to get him back. According to his logic, he tried to make it work with you and it didn’t, so why waste time trying again? How can you override this logic to get him back?

It may be possible to make him throw logic out of the window and let you win him back if you can find a way to reconnect with him. As mentioned above, this can often be done if the two of you have to face a common enemy together. You will have to skip around his logic and touch his heart if you somehow hope to win him back.

You Won’t Get Him Back if He Sees This as The Last Chapter

Once a man’s logic has been activated, he may see your breakup as the last chapter in your relationship. He has mentally closed the book, so to speak, and therefore closed off most chances that you will get him back. You have to change his frame of mind if you have any hope of winning back your man.

Your job here will be to refocus his thoughts so that instead of seeing this as the last chapter, he sees that the last chapter of your romance has not even been written yet. You cannot do this by simple willpower or by trying to argue him into believing you. It is something that must be done carefully, one step at a time.

Get Him Back by Starting a New Chapter

As our title suggests, this is the time to win him back by starting a new chapter in your relationship. You might just casually plant the seed that it might not be over. You could say something like, “I know we said that we were over, but it just feels like our relationship still has many more chapters to go, ya know? Like, that thought just keeps playing in my mind.”

Once you have said this, stop, and watch his reaction. If he still has thoughts of being with you, the wheels in his head will start turning and he may begin to try and work out ways that you two could rekindle the flame.

Even if he doesn’t respond favorably at first, you have just planted a seed in his subconscious that says your relationship still has hope. That seed will continue to grow in his mind, playing all of the reasons why it might not be over. Using positive language and planting small seeds might just be the way to get him back. Protection Status