Three Options When Your Man Is Pulling Away

Three Options When Your Man Is Pulling Away

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Finding a soul mate is a rare opportunity. Once we find our ideal match we never want to let them go. Because a lot goes into making a relationship grow strong. And once a bond is established it is quite hard to let go.

But don’t we all wonder what makes any relationship’s foundation strong?

Building a relationship requires time and effort. The equal efforts of the partners make it meaningful and valuable. Two people feel a unique attraction for each other which is not comprehensible to others.

However, in the journey of life, certain situations arise which are beyond our control. Many women struggle when their partners start becoming a little distant. If your man starts pulling away, you try even harder to make it work , mainly because the fear of losing something so valuable scares you.

Wondering what happens to a relationship after a certain period of time? In a long term relationship especially letting go of the partner and giving up on the relationship does not feel right. When your man feels like pulling away, you try to cling to them to make it work desperately.

As women, most of the times this desperation to get them back seems in vain especially if your man just turns a BLIND EYE to your efforts. However, just being indifferent to everything seems impossible owing to the time both of you have invested in the relation. There is an easy way to put an end to this confusion in making up your mind: observing, understanding and analyzing the situation.

Having second thoughts about confronting your man who seems to be pulling away? Before taking any decision to consider the situation as it is a decision of a lifetime.  It is perfectly all right to measure all the available options and take future related decisions wisely.

Here are some handy tips:

Identify the reason behind his actions

The human mind is very complicated and the emotions are inexplicable. Behind many actions, there are no certain reasons. Sometimes the reasons are way beyond our understanding or they might seem queer to others.

How to deal with such a complex situation?

As a loving and understanding partner, it is our duty to try to recognize if the reasons for their pulling away whether they are rational or not. Identifying the reasons helps us take the next step. The best way to understand the reasons is by enquiring from your partner.

Depending on the rapport the two of you have, your partner is expected to open up and share their concerns with you.

In case your partner is also not clear about the reason for his action or he is not able to understand that it is him who is pulling away, it might create a dilemma within you and him as well.

Here you can take charge of the situation and work towards uncovering the factors which are creating this distance between the two of you. Whether the decision of distancing is conscious or not discovering the reason will help you take immediate action before both of you have drifted far away.

Do you have control over the situation?

Once the probable reasons are guessed or discovered do not start assuming the facts. Try to be rational instead of starting the blame game. Take hold of the situation and try to understand how much of it is under your control.

Is the distancing seem to be completely from your man’s side?

Try to initiate a discussion not to point out his mistakes or drawback but to have a healthy communication to find out ways to minimize the distance that has already been created.

If the situation seems beyond your control and understanding, then seek help. Let them open up to you. The process will make your bond stronger and ease the tension that has grown over time. Instead of directly accusing or confronting you can also normalize the situation through finding a solution with their help. They themselves will help to fix the loopholes and establish a stronger bond.

Let them realize where it all went wrong and work together as a team to work on your relationship.

What is the nature of the problem?

A bad phase in one's life is very normal. Temporary situations like disturbances at the office or fall out with a friend or family members may pose as minor hindrances in the smooth flow of the relationship. These kinds of situations can be handled easily.

But if this distancing becomes a permanent feature of the relation?

Time plays a very crucial role in human life. Like time brings two strangers closer and forms a bond, over time sometimes it can pull people away from each other but only to put them together ultimately.

If your man is going through such a phase then it is bound to rekindle the love between the two of you. Plan spending some quality time together, and that will might do the trick. However, the adjustment does not mean listening to blatant excuses. Try to take the hints from your interactions.

For a better understanding follow through with him and look for feedback as well as positive changes in behavior.

If the reasons are known to you and it is within your capability to control the do not shy away from taking action.

Ideally you shouldn't become too comfortable with the situation and become reluctant to take charge to change the scenario. Giving a relationship time does not mean adapting yourself to visible and serious problems.

It can lead to two things - either the problem is detected the relationship progresses in a positive direction overcoming the hardships, or you get a clearer view of the issue and understand where the relationship is standing.

Whatever the situation is do not compromise with the need to satiate your need for mental peace. See the results.

Look out for your happiness and mental health. Spend time doing what you love the most like spending time with your friends. Because it is said the person who loves themselves dearly only they can love and feel loved.   The attraction between two people is no doubt a major factor but it cannot surpass compatibility between the two partners. Build trust and make meaningful communication and it will help to keep the spark alive in the relationship.

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