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23 Proven Ways to Get Website Traffic for Free

Here we present the strategies that you can use to get instant traffic and backlinks, especially for your new website before your SEO kicks in.

Suppose you are a young entrepreneur starting a new business or a young a blogger who just started blogging. You go through books, blogs and of course advice from people around you before starting. You set everything right, get a well-designed content-rich website with your list of keywords. All you need now is TRAFFIC.

In this post, we are going to discuss 23 free ways by which you can generate traffic to your website or blog. Here we present the strategies that you can use to get instant traffic and backlinks, especially for your new website before your SEO kicks in. The strategies for SEO are long-term and take a long time to produce results, so along with the right SEO strategy, you can use the following tips for traffic in the short run, before you reach that level.

  1. FACEBOOK: It is the most prominent social media platform today, and no business could do without a facebook page in today's world. Create a Facebook page for your business, post content that is relevant to your niche and audience. Keep your audience engaged. Post regular updates.
    It's not just your page where you have to post content and links to your website, but you can also take advantage of Facebook Groups. What's good about Facebook groups is that they are targeted and focused on a particular category or niche. So, find groups which are relevant to your niche and post interesting content. This will give you targeted traffic. Engage in the community by helping people, post content which is helpful and relevant. No one likes a spammer.

  2. Reddit: Reddit is another great option to generate quality targeted traffic to your website. It's the front page of the internet and can be used to drive massic relevant traffic to your website. Reddit has communities called subreddits just like Facebook groups or Google Communities which focus on a particular topic. All you need to do is find those subreddits which are relevant to your niche, and then post links in those subreddits. But, you should be careful about the fact that you shouldn't look like a spammer, otherwise you will end up getting banned. Please make sure that you go through the guidelines before posting. You can also use paid advertising on Reddit, which will show your posts in subreddits that are related to your business. Just like Facebook groups, post engaging and relevant content to the subreddits and you are bound to get huge targetted traffic.Help the community, don't spam and people will definitely like you.
    Another great benefit of using Reddit is that helps you generate backlinks from a quality website, which in turn helps your SEO. If your content is great, it will definitely get upvoted and receive a few comments. The more it gets commented the more the number of backlinks you will receive from a high authority website.

  3. StumbleUpon: is one of the best traffic generators among the top social media websites. Users are randomly searching for new content on a particular topic using the Stumble button on the top of their screens. They want to consume content, it's your responsibility to make the content engaging and captivating. This will increase traffic to your website, and more users will be willing to share it.

  4. Google+: Another great traffic source. Create a Google+ profile for your business, and regularly share content. Just like Reddit's subreddits and Facebook groups, Google+ has communities dedicated to a particular topic or niche. Be the part of the community and share your content without spam.

  5. EMAIL MARKETING: Although times have changed and social media is the latest buzz in getting traffic, e-mail marketing is still here. E-mail, unlike social media, is personal and people don't just give it out randomly. It's our solitude among the chaos that social media is. Successful email marketing campaigns are important for any business. Once, you have a person's email id, he likes something about your product or blog and is willing to stay in touch with it. Now, it's your responsibility to get the best out of it. When a person gives out his e-mail, he has shown trust in you. Don't break that with spam. This is not really a post to go in depth about e-mail marketing because it's a huge topic in itself. I would advise you to go through this amazing post A Beginner's guide to email marketing by kiss-metrics.

  6. Blog Commenting: You might view it as a link building strategy, but if applied properly, it can also be used to generate great targetted traffic to your blog. But, how?
    Find the most popular blogs on the topics or niche you are into. Such blog posts are already driving huge amounts of traffic. Now, all you need to do is go through the entire post, and at the end leave an insightful comment. The comment should be related to the post, and should be engaging. Basically, you are adding value to the post, and telling other people in your niche that you are an expert and you know your stuff. When people read such insightful comments, they will definitely want to visit your website to know more. Just with every other method, don't spam and don't just post random comments on random articles. Such comments won't get you any traffic, and might even hurt your SEO.

  7. is a social news site that can help drive traffic to your blog. However, the Digg users are particular about how the site is used. Before posting on Digg, I would advise you to read the guidelines before posting. Post quality content, from a number of different blogs, with a few posts from your own blog. Be a good user. You can read more about on Tips to Use Digg to Drive Blog Traffic

  8. Twitter: Twitter is among the most powerful social media networks today with millions of users who are active daily. Follow people in your niche, tweet to them, post engaging updates. Mention people, and ask for retweets. Lastly, don't forget the hashtags. Hashtags help your tweets discovered. Never miss out the opportunity to tweet back to viral tweets in your niche.

  9. Medium: Medium is another great source for getting web traffic. Medium is based on pure quality. It's democratic. It gives voice to people who don't have thousands of twitter or Facebook fans. Quality is the key here. Sign up for Medium, post your best content and get some quality backlinks. Make sure your content is amazing.

  10. LinkedIn: LinkedIn's user base has been expanding ever since it was acquired by Microsoft. Grow your LinkedIn circle and regularly share your articles or blog posts. It will give you decent targetted traffic. Another benefit of using LinkedIn is that it allows you to create blog posts just like other blogging websites. Create an engaging post, give information to the people, but make sure it's not full or complete. Add a link to your website at the end, where readers can view the full story. If it's engaging, people would definitely want to read more.

  11. HuffPost:Another high authority website for guest blogging. Post quality content, get quality backlinks.

  12. Quora: It can be your traffic driving machine if you know how to use it. It’s the Q&A platform where anyone can post a question and get answers from experts in the community. But, how do I make the best out of it? The answering is "HELPING PEOPLE". Yes, that's it. All you have to do is answer questions, and drop a link at the end of that answer. Write quality answers to questions that are in your niche, and then at the end add a link to your blog for a more detailed answer on the same question. There are some other benefits as well such as being a long-term traffic source, it also allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your domain. For a more detailed discussion on how to drive traffic through Quora, you can go through this post on driving traffic through Quora.

  13. SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content, so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Most of you already know about it, so we won't be covering it here. Here is an amazing guide on SEO for you: SEO made simple

  14. Press Release: Press release is an important part of promotional activities for your business. Every business should employ it. A decent press release strategy will update the audience about important milestones in your business. It will add rich quality content full of keywords to your website. You will receive quality backlinks and traffic, it will also give a boost to your SEO.

  15. Pinterest: Another great source for targeted traffic. You will need to create your account and a few boards on Pinterest relating to your niche. When you write a blog post, Pin it to your Board. Make sure you add a little extra information i.e. a brief summary or a quote from the article. You can share images as well, just remember to link back to your website when you upload images. Make sure your pins have some amazing information, so that people are actually curious about visiting your page or repining your post on their boards. If done properly, a Pinterest profile can drive thousands of visitors to your traffic each month.

  16. Youtube Videos: Use videos to market your business. It is easier getting discovered through youtube videos these days than Google search results. Drop links to your website or blog posts below your Youtube videos. It's another amazing source to get quality traffic and backlinks. There are millions of people who visit YouTube every day. It's a paradise for experienced internet marketers and a great source of free web traffic for bloggers. Focus on your keywords, upload high-quality videos and drop backlinks in the description for people who want to know more.

  17. Tumblr: Tumblr might not be as big as Facebook or Twitter, but it is a popular blogging and social networking site, one should definitely explore it. They allow you to post different types of media such as photos, videos or audio or plain text. Just as with other sources, grow your audience, produce amazing content and keep getting traffic.

  18. StackExchange:Stack Exchange, on the other hand, Q&A sites for many different topics. Answer questions by identifying topics and search phrases, be the authority, play by the community guidelines and get decent targetted traffic.

  19. Snapchat: Snapchat has recently been gaining more popularity than ever before. One of the best ways to increase your website traffic is by personalizing your brand – and Snapchat can help you do exactly that. Give your followers and customers a peek into your business by sharing pictures. Go to events, share pictures and highlight such events. You can also run special offers on Snapchat such as freebies, coupons or giveaways. They will help increase your brand's visibility and traffic.

  20. Slideshare: Slideshare is a place where you can share slides i.e. presentations. Presentations have been used for decades for business and personal needs. Create awesome presentations and link back to content on your website on a few pages. Not only it will help you get discovered and give you traffic, it will also help your SEO and improve your rankings, especially for long tail keywords.

  21. It's another Q&A website. Give quality answers to people in your niche, and throw some links to your content in them. Just like Quora and StackExchange, be a part of the community and provide genuine helpful answers.

  22. Amazon E-book: Another great way to drive traffic to your blog or website is by publishing e-books on Amazon. Amazon is a great place to find people that want to buy what you are selling. Being one of the most popular websites in the world, it provides immense potential for website traffic. Publish a book that is valuable and makes you an authority in your domain. You will get attention and would be seen as the go-to person in that domain. Also, make sure that you add enticing offers within your book, where users are eager to visit those links to your book. Create the right incentive, and keep the users asking for more.If your book was especially helpful and/or entertaining people will want more of you. They will come to your blog, sign up for your newsletter and buy your courses, products or services. You can read more about on how to tap this massive traffic potential on the blog post How to Use an eBook to Drive a Stampede of Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

  23. Instagram: Instagram is an internet based photo sharing application and service that allows users to share posts publicly or privately. At present Instagram has around 375 million active users, and thus has an enormous potential for getting traffic to your website or building your brand. The best way to drive traffic from Instagram is by adding a link in your bio. Build a real community, share photos that are relevant to your niche, use hashtags properly to get discovered by people in your niche. Post regular updates. Use apps like Canva to create eye catching and striking posts for any social network. Include links to your blog post in the photo, generally at the bottom. Use background images and catchy titles.

  24. SOCIAL SHARE BUTTONS: Last, but not the least, adding social share buttons to your website will definitely help you increase traffic to your blog. When people love your content, they are more than willing to share it. First, you must have great content and secondly, you must have the buttons which users can actually use to share your posts or articles. AddThis and ShareThis are two great services which can help you in adding those buttons to your blog post. Make sure that the social share buttons are constantly visible as the user is reading your blog. The more your post gets shared on social media, more the traffic it will drive. As far search results are considered, people are still confused about the question “Are social signals a ranking factor? They may not affect SEO directly, but one thing is sure, that they don't hurt your rankings. So, why not tap those social traffic opportunities, and if it helps your SEO, it would be a plus, you are getting traffic anyways.

There are hundreds of other traffic opportunities that you can utilize. It's just a small list. All you have to do is be innovative, keep searching for new ways to drive traffic. But, make sure those methods are not black-hat or spam, because they might help you in the short run, but in the long run, such methods might end up killing your brand or business. I have written an article on why you shouldn't buy traffic from cheap services like Fiverr, which promise you insane traffic for just five dollars.

Help people, create some amazing content, people are definitely gonna love you. Thank You.

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