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3 Things That Every Digital Marketer Should Know To Be Successful

There are millions of digital marketers in this world, so how do you know that the path that you are on is the best? It would be by seeing your website’s rankings on the Google pages. Your target should be having should be nothing other than the first position of Google’s Search Engine Response Page. How you would do it is by following simple strategies. For which there are a great number of tips that you need to keep in mind, here we give you three such tips:

Focus Should Be On Social Media As Well As Search Engines

This is really important that people either focus one SMO or SEO while to be a good digital Marketer you need to have a good rank because of both, social media optimization as well as search engine optimization. One is basically an "on and off page" activity while the other only focuses on the "on page".

Get A Better Ranking For Your Website

Ranking sure is important friends. Have you ever gone even to the second page of Google to find something? Most would answer no, because that is the case. Apart from the ads that are on the first page of Google, we only have 10 positions that are filled by sites having really good SEO scores. There are more than 250 ways to increase your SEO score, you should know more about it and get to know what all is it that you can use to come to the first rank of the SERP.


Yes, we all know about the studies that show that 80% traffic on the Internet comes through the use of mobile phones. Now we all would be fools if even after knowing this doesn’t make our strategies according to this. Be it making our websites responsive or making the content flexible in such a way that people on all the mediums should be able to access it easily, all these factors should be taken into consideration while making a website.

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