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Ultimate List of Social Media Management Tools

Looking for a better way to manage multiple profiles? Discover 101 social media management tools to consolidate your social media marketing.

Everyone is turning to social media these days, to drive traffic and generate leads. But, with so many social media platforms out there, it becomes's cumbersome for an individual or company to keep track of their profiles or pages at different social media platforms and to keep track of their growth. Also, you may not be available to post on your social media, every day or few times in a week.

Having the right social media management tools and a presence on all the major networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is a necessity these days for any business. So, in this post, we are going to list out some leading social media management tools available out there and how you can use them to your advantage, helping you juggle through your multiple social media accounts.


HootSuite is a social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008.[6] The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and many more.[7]

Additional integrations are available via HootSuite's App Directory, including MailChimp, Reddit, Storify, Tumblr, and Marketo.[8]


AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite.Measure the performance of your business across social channels. Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.


HubSpot’s marketing software has everything you need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer. It’s all your marketing tools — all in one place.
Spend more time connecting with the people who matter most with time-saving tools that help you prioritize your social interactions.


TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. Originally an independent app, TweetDeck was subsequently acquired by Twitter Inc and integrated into Twitter's interface.

Like other Twitter applications, it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles. It was the most popular Twitter application with a 23% market share as of June 2010, following only the official Twitter website with 45.7% share for posting new status updates.[1]


Save time managing your social media
Buffer is a simpler and easier way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place.

Schedule your social media posts for later
Quickly and easily schedule posts for all of your social accounts and Buffer will publish them automatically, according to the posting schedule you put in place.


IFTTT is the free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other. We help social media play nice together. Never tweet a link instead of a picture again!

Sprout Social

Sprout is a collaborative social media management platform trusted by businesses to power their social communication. Our world-class software and tools help teams save time managing their social while creating remarkable brand experiences.


Unlock the full potential of social media. Leverage industry-leading analytics and tools to grow your business on Instagram and Facebook. Understand and improve performance on key social metrics, from audience growth to engagement. Manage conversations with ease. Track and moderate comments on all your latest posts across networks. Draft, schedule, and preview your posts with our easy interface. Find the best Instagram influencers for your business in no time.


Reach, engage & listen to customers across any social channel to deliver better experiences—at scale.


See how you can use media intelligence to inform strategy, connect with your audience, and measure success.

RSS to Social Media
Connect RSS feeds to your social media profiles and automatically share new posts and images with your friends and followers. Post new items to all your social networks with no effort.

Add quality content to your queue and we’ll automatically share it at the best times throughout the day. Consistently post fresh content to boost traffic and engage your audience.

The never ending social media schedule that automatically refills itself. Automatically recycle your best content so every post drives more traffic and engagement. Never let your queue run dry.


Boost your social media productivity -- it doesn't have to be a manual time-consuming process! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, and Plurk! Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity! Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied users today!

Post Planner

The best content is the right content. Browse our recommended feeds based on your industry and interests. Discover new content by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page or Twitter handle. Gather your favorite content in one place.

Save and combine your feeds into powerful streams. Create a personal library organized the way you want.

Social media generates big data. Our custom algorithms measure this data for every content source in your streams. We review past performance and predict future engagement specific to your audience.

Don’t spend hours per day planning posts
Get your life back. Create a plan for your pages and accounts, then plug in your content streams. Automatically recycle popular posts. Our algorithm creates your perfect posting times and adds them to your Plan to get you started.


Pin, Follow, Schedule or Unfollow was never easier. Choose related tags on your dashboard, hit the "Start" button, close your browser & forget. Let PinPinterest work on Auto-Pilot and do all the hard work for you.

Board Booster

Schedule pins directly from native Pinterest® app or website.
Streamline group board contribution. Effortlessly contribute to group boards with campaigns

Join tribes
Our tribe management tool handles all tribe related chores

Improve pin quality
Test your pins for broken links, duplicates, and more

Clean up your boards
Split a board or remove all unwanted pins in one click

Optimize your strategy
See your best performing boards, best time to pin, and more


The Smartest Way to Schedule on Pinterest & Instagram

Save Time: Bulk image upload, drag-and-drop calendar, multi-board pinning, hashtag lists and many more shortcuts built with your busy schedule in mind.
Maximize your Reach: Automatically optimize your Pinterest and Instagram schedules based on when your audience is most engaged.
Measure Success: Deep analytics and insights so you can see what's working and what's not.
Schedule like a Pro: Our Browser Extension lets you easily create multiple posts from any site with one click - even repins on Pinterest and regrams on Instagram!
Be More Informed: Reach more of the right people by having the best Instagram hashtags automatically suggested to you by our Hashtag Finder.
Be More Efficient: Post all of your visual marketing content to Instagram and Pinterest from one tool with a single workflow.
Affordable for Small Businesses, Extensible for the Enterprise

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