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Ultimate List of Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Are you a new blogger, searching for the right audience for your blog? Or are you looking for the right group of people who can help you in your blogging pursuits? Don't worry, we have got it all covered in this post.

Facebook is the most prominent social media platform today, and no business could do without a facebook page in today's world. Create a Facebook page for your business, post content that is relevant to your niche and audience. Keep your audience engaged. Post regular updates.

It's not just your page where you have to post content and links to your website, but you can also take advantage of Facebook Groups. What's good about Facebook groups is that they are targeted and focused on a particular category or niche. So, find groups which are relevant to your niche and post interesting content. This will give you targeted traffic. Engage in the community by helping people, post content which is helpful and relevant. No one likes a spammer.

We have created a list of Facebook groups that you can join starting today, and increase your audience and learn from some amazing bloggers out there.

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

This is a BLOGGERS ONLY group to help boost your Pinterest feed. Get your pins shared, share others and build your Pinterest following! If interested in joining, it must be obvious by your profile that you're a blogger.

Bloggers Supporting Each Other.

The Only Rules in here:

  1. Comment and Share Posts of other bloggers if you want your posts to be shared and commented in return.

  2. Respect Fellow Bloggers

Blog StumbleUpon

Blog StumbleUpon is a group of bloggers who want to use StumbleUpon (SU) to increase website traffic. Learn to use SU through informational posts. Use SU through following, discover, thumbs up, and share threads.

You must have an active website/blog and have a StumbleUpon account to join. Active means participating in at least one thread a month.

Pin it on Pinterest Etsy Networking

Pin it on Pinterest is a fun networking group to help support small craft businesses to learn how amazing Pinterest works for your growing business. With Daily events for all to join in. They like to keep their group happy, positive and encouraging. They work together to help support each other. With great results.

Pinterest Pals

Pinterest Pals is a sharing group for pins. The rules are simple, for every pin that you post, you must repin one post from another member, and write something on their post here in the group, to let them know you have repinned their pin.

Boost Your Blog

Boost Your Blog is a private community designed to help bloggers engage and promote one another's work through shared interest and opportunity! It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog.

This an "open" forum which means there is not a set day for you to post your blog posts or ask questions. This is primarily a way for you to engage, learn, interact and grow.

Bloggers Promotion

Bloggers Promotion is a group about sharing. It provides a way for you to share your words, images, ideas and creativity with members all around the world.

Pinterest Ninjas

his group is for bloggers only. The purpose is to help boost each other's pins/Pinterest profiles and Social Media following.

BLOGGERS WORLD!! Blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Promotions

We all know how Hard it is to get your Blog, Channel or Website etc. out there and to get recognized, the admins, who are also Bloggers and Website Owners, decided to open one that is Open for all almost all Types of Social Media. Not specified on Beauty, Sneakers, Photography, Electronic, etc...! EVERYONE is welcome.

Launch Learn Grow WordPress

This group basically focuses on the following:

  1. Launch an online business with WordPress.

  2. Learn how to use WordPress to scale your online business + blog.

  3. Grow your traffic + email list + income.

  4. Have FUN + network with other bloggers! Don’t be shy - feel free to ask lots of questions!

Blogging Squad

You can share your reading stuff, ideas, feedback and your thoughts in this group.

Seo Organic

This group was created so that you can share your blog post there and get some website traffic.

Share Your Blog Post

You can share your latest posts in this group, and engage with other bloggers out there in the group.

Guest Posting Service

This is a group for you, if you are looking for Guest Posts. As we all know, writing guest posts is an amazing way to get backlinks to your website, so this group comes in handy when reaching out to other bloggers and webmasters for a guest post.

Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO

This group is created to share knowledge related to Digital Marketing. If you want to enhance your knowledge of SEO, SMM, and other related terms then you should surely join this group.

Bloggers Hub

This group is open to all bloggers and creatives from all corners of the globe. Share your QUALITY blog posts, advice or whatever else strikes your fancy!

Digital Marketing (SEO-SMO-SEM)

This group is focused on SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Marketing, E-commerce Marketing & Web Analytics.

Website Traffic

This group focuses on Website Traffic, Lead Generation, and Email Marketing.

SEO Tips

There are a lot of words that get thrown around with SEO professionals that focus on the question,”what are the most important SEO activities to engage in?” This is also a common question many business owners or webmasters ask when they are first figuring out how to apply SEO techniques to their website.

The answer is… there isn’t a straight answer. There is a general consensus on what the most important factors of SEO might be and this includes both on-site and off-site SEO activities to engage in, in order to build traffic and ranking for your website in the search engines.

In this group, I have included some SEO, SEM, SMO, Web techniques, solutions, and tips. These tips will help guide you on the right path so you can start creating a nicely optimized website as well as grow up your SEO knowledge.

Online 247 Network Marketing Group

Post your money making programs, ask questions about making money. and help each other making money and build a list.

Blog Booster

Blog Booster is a private community designed to help bloggers engage and promote one another's work through shared interest and opportunity! It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog.

Fashion And Style Bloggers

A place for all the bloggers to share their content, get to see other blogs and help each other grow with sharing and supporting.

Bloggers United

A group that is for bloggers! A great place to unite and talk about our blogs, advertise them, cross-promote and most of all share tips and make blogger connections!

Pinterest Automation

Looking for resources to put your pinning on auto-pilot? This group is the right place!

Blogger Insights

Blogger Insights is a blogger's community for collaboration, inspiration, motivation and more.


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