Secrets to Being More Attractive (To Any Guy You Meet!)

Secrets to Being More Attractive (To Any Guy You Meet!)

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Do you crave being more attractive? While this may seem like a weird question, it is quite normal to crave being more attractive to any guy you meet. In fact, if you asked them, being more attractive is one of the top things that any woman would wish for. Why else would we spend hours on hair and makeup and walk in spiked heels?

Cosmetic companies have literally made billions of dollars off of the fact that women wish that they could be more attractive. Hair styling products, makeup, clothing lines, age-defying creams and potions, and so many other products have been purchased by hopeful ladies who all wish for being more attractive to any guy. Unfortunately, all of those dollars won’t help you win his affections if you don’t know the secret that I am about to reveal.

What is the secret to being more attractive to any guy you meet? That’s simple; be the exact opposite of what society seems to be teaching right now. While social media posts and memes are all advising us to be selfish and looking out for ourselves first, the best secret to being more attractive to any man you meet is to do just the opposite. According to researchers, humans of both sexes are a lot more attracted to selflessness. But how can practice being selfless?

Asking Questions Can Make You More Attractive to Any Guy You Meet

One of the ways that you can be selfless and a good way of being more attractive to any guy you meet is by asking a lot of questions. As we have covered in another post, the male ego loves to be fed. One way that you can feed his ego is by asking lots of questions about him and his interests. It is important that these questions be meaningful and genuine and not just simple and common questions such as, “How was your day?”

Of course, you can start off the conversation with a question like the one above, but it is important to go beyond that. For example, many men will simply answer, “It was fine,” and then drop the subject. It is good for you to follow through with this question to show him that you are genuinely interested in his day. Maybe get him to expand by asking, “What do you do today?”

This will get him to open up more about his day at work or with friends and give you the opportunity to ask more questions about what he says. If he describes a situation at work, maybe share your thoughts or ask about what he does. If he talks about his friends, maybe tell him that they sound interesting and you’d love to meet them sometime. The important thing is to show that you are very interested in what he has to say.

Being Grateful is a Secret to Being More Attractive to Any Guy You Meet

According to Psychology Today, expressing gratitude now only can help you in being more attractive to any guy you meet, it can also strengthen any other relationship that you may have, whether it is a business relationship, friendship, or family. When you are trying to impress a new guy or be more attractive to a man, it might help to always remember to say, “Thank you.” In fact, The Good Men Project suggests that gratitude makes you sexier.

Although it is helpful to remember to be grateful to the man who you wish to be attractive to, it is also a good idea to thank other people around you as well. If you go on a date, seeing you show gratitude to your waitress or waiter can be very attractive to him. If someone opens the door for you, a polite, “Thank you,” shows your appreciation. It is also a good idea to show gratitude even when the guy you wish to attract is not around. This can help you build a habit of being grateful and improve mental health by reminding you of all of the things that you have to be grateful for.

Compassion is Another Way of Being More Attractive to Any Guy You Meet

Another way of being more attractive to any guy you meet while improving your own mood and mental health is by practicing compassion. Doing little acts of kindness for strangers can go a long way towards making us feel much better about ourselves, which in turn can make us much more attractive to those around us. And when he sees your compassionate heart, he won’t be able to help himself.

Little acts of kindness can be simple. Anything such as opening the door or holding the door for an older person, a disabled person, someone with their arms full of packages or just a random stranger. You might also choose to let someone go ahead of you in the grocery line if they have fewer items than you do. Sometimes just a smile can help make someone’s day.

Taking Care of Yourself is Also a Way of Being More Attractive to Any Guy You Meet

Along with all of these different acts that benefit others, it is also important to be nice to yourself if your wish is being more attractive to any guy you meet. By taking care of your own needs, you make yourself more able to take care of the needs of others. It is a narcissistic view that we should always put ourselves above others, but it is, however, vital that we do practice self-care.

Eating healthy, nourishing your hair and skin, getting sunlight and exercise can all contribute to making you feel better, and in turn able to make others feel better as well. By keeping yourself healthy, you can guide others to become healthier as well. And we all know that there is nothing sexier than a healthy, glowing, confident woman. So, while being selfless is very attractive to any guy you meet, taking care of yourself is also an important step to attracting him. Protection Status