Seduce Any Woman using these Words

Seduce Any Woman using these Words

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If you are here, you have been trying to look for the best method on how to seduce a woman with words and nothing else. It had been a quest that had taken the psychologists a good couple of years. The truth is that there are certain lines or routines based on Mind Control which you can use on a woman which will make her fall in love with you.

Excited? I sure hope you are, because from this point in your life onward, seducing women will be as easy as shooting fishes in a barrel. Let’s switch gears a little and talk about a very important Mind Control concept. Hidden Addictions of the female mind. Have you wondered what makes Mind Control more effective than Pickup Artist tricks? The reason is this – there are “Hidden Addictions” inside every woman’s mind, and these “Addictions” are weaknesses that you can exploit to make a woman subservient to you. The only way to access these weaknesses is to use Mind Control. This means that if you are a master of Mind Control techniques, you’ll be able to exploit the physical vulnerabilities inside a woman’s mind whenever and whenever you want.

Inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method there is a complete list of a woman’s psychological vulnerabilities which you can exploit to make her completely surrender to you, but in this article, we will only touch on one specific vulnerability. It turns out that every single woman is vulnerable emotionally in one very specific way: The female brain has a Hidden Addiction to emotional roller coasters and drama. Let's dive further into it:

Have you ever wondered why women seem to like watching TV or soap operas? They get addicted to that stuff even though they make them bawl their eyes out with poor storylines. Why are women addicted to cheeseball shit like that? Here’s the answer: those romance novels, songs, TV shows and movies have one thing in common, which is:

They take the reader or viewer through an emotional roller coaster, forcing her to go through a repeated cycle of happiness and sadness along the story line.

When a woman goes through an intense emotional roller coaster, she builds an emotional connection with the story, and by extension, the story teller. Similarly, you can build an intense emotional connection with a woman if you bring her through an emotional roller coaster by making her feel happy, sad and happy again in quick succession. In short, you can “replicate” the Soap Opera Effect with a woman in order to make a woman feel emotionally invested with and addicted to you! So how do you replicate this Soap Opera Effect with a woman and make her emotionally addicted to you then? It can be done with a very special Mind Control technique called Fractionation. Here’s a little background about the technique.

Fractionation is an age-old technique which is used by hypnotherapists to make their clients go into trance quickly. Its use in seduction is fairly recent, and dates back only a couple of years ago when Derek Rake found that it could also be used to make a woman develop emotional rapport quickly with a woman.

So, how you can use Fractionation to build a quick emotional connection with
a woman? The first step is to make her recall an experience she had which made her happy. For example, you can ask her: “Think back to an instance when you feel especially happy, joyful and ecstatic. What happened? How did you feel?”

Make her describe the experience as vividly and as detailed as possible. You want her to re-experience the joy she had felt at the top of the emotional roller coaster. Then, similarly ask her about a negative experience: “Do you remember a time when you felt especially depressed, sorrowful or sad? What happened to you then? How did you feel?” Again, get her to describe that experience in vivid detail. You want her to re-experience the sadness she had felt at the bottom of the emotional roller coaster. Then, bring her back up by telling her a happy story or experience yourself. See her lighten up considerably and then, hit her with a sad story. With enough emotional roller coaster cycles, you’ll trick her brain into developing a quick emotional rapport with you. Protection Status