7 Signs He’s Not into You (If You See These Signs, RUN!)

7 Signs He’s Not into You (If You See These Signs, RUN!)

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Ladies, we have all been there. We are in a new relationship with a guy that we really like, it seems to be going well, and then BAM! He starts acting weird. You haven’t really pinpointed what exactly seems off, but this little feeling just keeps nagging at you. You begin to ask yourself, “Is he into me or not?” Bad news, ladies; asking yourself that question is one of the signs he’s not into you.

That isn’t to say that he definitely isn’t. All men do not show their interest in the same way. It could be that he is just shy. It could also be that you’re just a little insecure and letting your anxiety get the best of you. It takes more than just one of the signs he’s not that into you for you to be able to make an accurate judgment.

All too often, a woman will know in her gut that she is in a relationship that is going nowhere, but she will miss the red flags and keep trying to make it work. Even when those flags start waving loudly in her face, sometimes a woman will convince herself that she is imagining them and that everything is fine, or that it will all work out.

Not only is this unhealthy for you emotionally, it can also delay you from meeting the one who won’t show you signs he’s just not that into you. So, for your emotional health, and for the sake of the relationship that you’re truly meant to be in, take a look at these signs he’s not into you, and sincerely ask yourself, “Is he into me or not?”

1. If a Man Never Calls or Texts, He Isn’t That Into You

This one is huge and ends up at the top of most lists like this; if a man isn’t calling you or at least texting you, chances are he just isn’t that into you. When a man is really interested in a woman, he craves connecting with her. Unless he is in a coma somewhere, has had a terrible accident and has amnesia, or was lost at sea, a man is going to keep in contact with a woman that he is interested in. While it is possible that he will sometimes let you make the first move and contact him before he contacts you, if a man never, ever texts or calls you first, that’s one of the signs he’s not that into you.

If he doesn't call or text, or initiate contact, then he might not be into you.

2. He’s Not Into You if He Doesn’t Want a Relationship

When a man is truly interested in a woman, he will want to make their relationship exclusive at some point. Of course, early into the relationship, he may want to make sure that you are compatible, but if you have been seeing a guy for a while now and he keeps making comments such as, “I am not really looking for a relationship right now,” then you need to believe him.

If a man wants to take things slow, is still working on himself, needs time to heal from a long-past relationship, or makes a million other excuses for why he does not want to get close to you, its time to let go. Those are also signs he’s just not that into you.

3. His Body Language Will Answer, “Is He Into Me or Not?”

When you strike up a conversation with him, how does he react to you physically? A man’s body language when he is around a woman will tell a lot about his level of interest in her. If he finds ways to touch you throughout a conversation, that is a good sign that he is interested in you.

If he turns his body away from you while chatting, it is possible that he is only interested in the conversation, but not really that into you. Does he blush when you flirt? Do his eyes keep finding yours? If so, those are subtle ways that he could be showing his interest.

4. If He Keeps You A Secret He’s Not That Into You

A man who is really into you will want to show you off. If you have been seeing him for a while and he doesn’t seem to want you around his friends or family, that is another of the signs he’s not really interested in you. If you are really into a guy, but he has never introduced you to his friends, especially his best friend, you can bet that his level of interest in you isn’t that high.

When a man becomes interested in a woman, he won’t keep her a secret. In fact, just the opposite is true; he will want to see you intermingle with his friends and family to see how well you get along. He will also want to hear their opinion of you. The only reason not to bring you around his friends and family is if he has no friends and his family is severely dysfunctional. Those 2 facts together bring their own red flags.

5. You Always Plan Your Dates if He is Just Not Into You

Just as I said about phone calls and texts, if a man is truly into you, he will initiate contact and plan at least some of your dates. While there is nothing at all wrong with you planning little surprise dinners or outings with a man that you are dating, if it is always up to you, then he may not be as interested in you as you hope. Not all men know how to be romantic and plan candlelit dinners with wine and roses, but if he is really into you, he will at least try to plan time to be with you. A man who is interested in a woman wants to be around her and will make any little excuse that he can to do so.

6. If He is Always Talking About Other Women, He’s Not That Into You

When a guy is really into you, his conversation will show it. If he is always talking about someone else, it could mean that he is really into the other woman, or it could be that he is trying to change who you really are. A man who is always talking about other women may be comparing you to them, and isn’t realty interested in you, but more interested in making you into his idea of a perfect woman.

This is especially true in cases where he consistently talks about his ex. It does not matter if he is bragging on her or putting her down, if he is talking about her more than he is asking about you, then he is either more interested in her, or wants to tell you what not to do instead of letting you be you and seeing where it leads. Also, remember, if he will talk badly about another woman that he once claimed to love, he will do the same to you. It is also important to note that you should not talk about your exes to him.

7.  A Man Who Flirts With Everyone Else Isn’t Into You

You’re out on a date with a guy who you thought was the man of your dreams, but keeping his attention is becoming impossible. In fact, all he has done most of the night is flirt with anyone and everyone except you. He flirted with the waitress all during dinner. He flirted with the lady at the ticket counter when you went to the movies. He is even flirting with the woman sitting on the other side of him in the theater now. In fact, the only woman that he isn’t flirting with… is you. This is a huge red flag and one of the signs he’s just not that into you.

Some men are natural flirts and will flirt with everyone. For these men, it is just the way that they speak, and for them, it doesn’t mean anything, If he is flirting with you and with every other woman that he comes into contact with, then he could just be one of those guys. Of course, if this is the case, and he is really into you, then it should be obvious that he flirts with you more. But if he is not flirty at all with you but is with every other woman you meet, then he probably isn’t really interested in a relationship with you.

Don’t Stress if He’s Just Not That Into You

Those are 7 signs to look for if you find yourself asking, “is he into me or not?” Just as I said at the beginning of this article, if you are asking this question, then that is already one of the signs he’s not into you. In most cases, a woman knows when something is just not right about a relationship. We may try to ignore red flags and hope for the best, but eventually, we will start questioning – and questioning is the first step to moving on from the wrong relationship and stepping into the right one.

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