Coronavirus Pandemic: Best Tips for Social Distancing and Relationships

Coronavirus Pandemic: Best Tips for Social Distancing and Relationships

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, there are some interesting changes in store for people all over the world who are practicing social distancing and dating during the Coronavirus Pandemic. As the site shares, the CDC and many other health organizations are working closely together to try and slow down the transmission of a dangerous virus which causes the respiratory illness known as COVID-19, or Coronavirus Disease 2019.

How Did it Start?

This virus, whose scientific name is SARS-CoV-2, was first diagnosed in China, where the outbreak centered around Wuhan, a city in China, from where it spread quickly, likely due to an overabundance of travelers who spread across the globe in observance of the Chinese New Year.  It has a higher mortality rate than the flu and seems particularly dangerous for people over 60 or those with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, kidney issues, mitochondrial issues, and those who are pregnant.

The Coronavirus was named a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) on January 30, 2020. It was declared a Global Pandemic on March 11, 2020, by WHO, and on March 13, a National Emergency was declared in the United States by the president, Donald Trump.

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What it Means for Dating and Relationships?

Since this virus has been proven to spread quickly and easily from person to person, governments all over the world are strongly suggesting that people stay home as much as possible. Gatherings such as weddings and funerals have been completely banned in countries such as Italy, and in the United States, the president has strongly suggested that people remain in groups of under 10 people. They are calling this “social distancing.”

As experts from all over the world agree that the best way to be safe from this illness is to avoid people, how can one even hope to date or continue in a relationship?  Should we stop going anywhere? Is it okay to visit people, go on dates, go to the store? What about classes? Jobs? Church? What if we have already planned our wedding? Will we all die if we leave our houses?

Use Common Sense, Not Fear

First of all, it is important not to panic. Most experts agree that is you and your friend or partner have no symptoms of the Coronavirus, then there is no need for you to stop meeting with them or having them come over to your home. There are plenty of things you can do on a date that doesn’t involve being around a lot of people.

While you should avoid going to places where there will be crowds of people, going for a walk, going for a picnic in a remote location, getting food from restaurants via drive-thru or take-out, and lots of other outdoor activities are not only okay, but they actually could be good for you.

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Will Social Distancing Mean a Rise in Online Dating?

The Coronavirus Pandemic will be vastly different from those of the past because of the internet. While social media and news sites can make things more complicated by spreading panic, they can also make things better by getting important updates out quickly and making it possible for us to stay in touch with loved ones. As Psychology Today points out, humans are much better at maintaining long-distance relationships than we used to be.

While some sites suggest that this global crisis could mean the end of online dating, at least for now, others feel that we will simply need to adjust and adapt as we humans are good at doing. There are tons of sites that allow users to chat, voice calls, and even video calls for free. You can still meet new people and even build a new relationship, as long as you are careful and follow your area’s legal restrictions on gathering.

You Can Spark a Fire and Maintain It

You may wonder how you can possibly hope to spark a fire at all, much less keep it going if your physical interactions are limited. Online dating sites literally offer everything from meeting someone new to chatting with them to video chat, to virtual sex, and more. Or, if your funds are limited because you’re out of work at this time, you can simply use the internet to be creative.

What this means for you in a relationship is that even if things get bad enough that you cannot physically meet up, you can still maintain your relationship. This is very important for you to know so that you won’t panic if you are told to stay home for a while. Skype and Facebook both have video calling for free. Facetime is another popular way to stay connected and see each other. Churches and schools are moving to online venues, why not dating? And many internet companies have agreed not to disconnect for nonpayment during this crisis.

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You Can Still Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill became a humorous term in 2014 when teenage girls began warning each other that when a guy says, “Let’s Netflix and chill,” he never really means to watch a movie. It became the terminology used to describe anything from a teenaged couple making out on the couch to married couples staying in and watching a movie together.

If neither you or your partner are showing signs of having the Coronavirus, and you live close enough to meet at each other’s homes, then you can still Netflix and chill in whatever capacity you choose. What if one of you are quarantined or live too far away? You can still watch movies together via video chat. One can put the movie on and point the webcam at the screen. You can chat as you watch. While physical activity may be limited, you can still make an emotional connection.

You Can Even Still Get Married!

Even during a global pandemic, some couples will not be stopped. One lady shared her story on Facebook. She had a summer wedding planned, and that date is still set for the wedding, but they went to their local courthouse, obtained a marriage license, and got married without a huge crowd so that she and her love could go ahead and be married and isolated together.

Others are determined to go ahead with their nuptials as well and plan to make arrangements to make their ceremony as risk-free as possible. In places where only a few people will be allowed to gather, a wedding such as the one held in one Chicago area is still an option for now. You can also choose to get married legally in the area in which you live, but have the wedding ceremony online.

In Closing

While something as huge as a global pandemic can be a bit scary and having to isolate away from society can be lonely for many, love and romance will always find a way. The best way to alleviate your fears about the effect that this will have on your relationship is to talk to your partner about it. You can reassure each other that this situation is not permanent, and neither is any separation that you may go through.

Together you can also come up with ways to keep your romance alive. You can be creative, using everything from phone chats to texting to video calls, and more. Many couples have been known to roleplay online, as well as explore new ideas and fantasies that they would never consider discussing in person. I won’t go into details here, but I am sure that you two can think of many ways to be amorous without having to physically be together. Because of this, spending more time apart could actually draw you closer together.

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