Sure Signs He Wants a Relationship From the Very First Date

Sure Signs He Wants a Relationship From the Very First Date

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Some women are looking for sure signs that he wants a relationship from the very first date. This Is because many women in their twenties are seeking the whole package – love, commitment, and marriage. Despite being in a world where women are encouraged to be independent and not need a man, the truth is that almost everyone wants someone to love and spend their lives with. Add in the fact that most women want to have children and a family, and it is no surprise that they do not want to waste time dating a guy who is never going to commit.

The sad thing is, many of the same women who admit that they are looking for signs that he is “the one” from the very first date are the same women who end up dating a guy for months and months with no real sign that he is even interested in commitment. How can she find the perfect guy for her?

These women keep hoping that he will suggest that they become exclusive, dating no one but each other… but sadly he never gets around to asking. Pretty soon the woman has stopped dating anyone besides him, but he is still playing the field, seeing anyone he wants, and he has no plans to change that anytime soon. And she is left chasing commitment from a man who can’t give it.

In many cases, this woman will continue in this fruitless relationship for some time. She may eventually get tired of sharing him and finally confront him for an answer on whether or not the relationship is headed anywhere and when he plans on making it exclusive. When this happens, the man will usually become very uncomfortable and avoid giving her a straight answer.

He may say something like,

“I thought we were doing so well. I am happy with us, Aren’t you happy with us?”

Or, “Why are we in a hurry? You can’t rush a good thing. Let’s just go slow and let it build naturally.”

What is she doing wrong?

What are the sure signs that he wants a relationship from the very first date?

Comparing Interests is a Sure Sign He Wants a Relationship

When a guy starts sharing his interests and is genuinely curious about yours, it is almost certainly a sure sign that he is looking for something more than a one night stand. Think about it. If he is only interested in getting it on with you, then why does he care what your career goals are, where you see yourself in five years, what your hobbies are, or even whether or not you want kids one day. Sure he could always fake interests in these topics just to get you in bed, but if he shows a true interest in where you plan to be headed in life, then he is probably looking for more than just a night or two of fun.

One of the most important things that couples have to remember in order to create a successful relationship is that they should have similar interests and goals, as well as similar life plans. If you want kids, for example, and he doesn’t a relationship would eventually either fail or end up with one miserable member. By checking early on to see if your life plans are pretty close to each other’s he can avoid the pain of realizing later that you two are incompatible. He would only go through this type of thought process if he eventually wanted a committed relationship with someone, and he is hoping it might be you.

If a Man Listens to You It’s a Sure Sign He Wants a Relationship

Of course, his simply asking what your goals and interests are is not always a sure sign that he wants a relationship. If he does not seem interested in your answers, then he still may not be open to commitment. A guy who truly likes you and Is hoping for a match with you is going to listen intently to what you have to say. If he keeps interrupting you or only wants to talk about himself, he may not be that into you.

When a guy’s interest is really on you, he will look at you when you speak, make eye contact often, and pay attention. He asks about your life, interests, and goals because he really wants to know the answer, and so he will wait for a response and pay attention to it. A guy who is only interested in what you can do for him or how good you can make him feel will usually show no true interest in what your future plans are. He won’t care at all because he has no plans to be there.

Planning Future Dates Could be a Sure Sign He Wants a Relationship

You’ve had an awesome night with a guy who you think just might be the future love of your life. You’ve laughed, talked about the future, shared your lives, your past, and talked long into the night about where you want your lives to go. Now the date is coming to a close, but he has not once asked for a second date or even mentioned whether or not he would like to see you again. Even though it seems that you two may have had a connection, it is not looking like he is into locking down a relationship right now.

There are some guys who you can build an instant rapport with. He can make you laugh and laughs at all of your dumb jokes. He seems to have the same future goals as you and even watches the same sappy movies. He said all of the right things and asked all of the right questions and you were so sure that this was going somewhere. But after the date, he still hasn’t asked you for a second one. What went wrong?

The answer is… nothing. It may be that he simply has an awesome personality and connect quickly to almost everyone. It could also be that even though he liked you, he is just scared to commit. In fact, maybe he liked you too much and it scared him. Or maybe he will call… it is just taking him some time. Either way, if he is already planning future dates before the first one has ended, it could mean that he already sees you as relationship material. If he doesn’t, well, move on to the next date and see if he ever calls again. Protection Status