Why Men Always Overlook Certain Women

Why Men Always Overlook Certain Women

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Scientific Research Discovery Explains:

Why Men Always Overlook Certain Women (and the scientific reason they choose others)

All her life, Tanya had constantly been told she was "incredible ", "A great catch ", "inspiring ", and "dream girlfriend material" by the men she’d been out with ...

But all those seemingly kind words actually made her feel stupid.

You see the fact was:

Regardless of how great they SAID she was, they still weren't CHOOSING her.

To Tanya, this implied    these men were all either not being honest with her, or there was something else she was doing wrong: something so repulsive    they could not bring themselves to stay with her.

"It made me feel broken " she explained to us. "Why am I never good enough for the ones that seem perfect for me?".

"I just want somebody to pick me".

The question of what makes a person pick a particular type of woman while overlooking others has plagued women for all of time.

Fortunately, science may finally have an answer to this question.

According to new research findings released in the scientific journal, "Archives of Sexual Behavior"*, men do not pick a partner for “logical reasons".

Relationship and dating researcher Clayton Max told us,” It’s not about ticking     the boxes on his checklist of what makes his ‘dream partner '. A woman can’t convince men to want to be with her".

The point is , Max says , when a woman tries  to persuade  a man , pressure him , or show him how  incredible  she is, it's most likely to  backfire, because  behaviors like this  actually  signal  the  reverse  of what makes a guy  absolutely  sure a particular  partner  is   for him.

"The reality is" according to Max, "males pick women that do one thing and one thing only:

They choose women who make them feel the powerful feeling of INFATUATION".

Psychologists have actually discovered that infatuation comes from a primitive drive deep within the brain ...

And in males, it's either on or it's off. When a guy’s infatuation instinct is triggered, it doesn't matter if she has   the characteristics   he's been searching for.

They could be entirely 'incompatible' according to his criteria, yet he’ll make time for her. He'll move cities to be with her. He'll change careers for her if that's what is needed.

Because the Infatuation Impulse essentially TURNS OFF the part of a man's brain responsible for anything besides making her his.

So just how does a woman turn on a man’s Infatuation Impulse... to make him so overwhelmed with desire he's ready to do anything to show her how much he wants her?

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