The Factor That Matters the Most In A Relationship: Chemistry

The Factor That Matters the Most In A Relationship: Chemistry

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For every couple, their first date remains very special and memorable. As it is the first time they meet the person they have been in touch for a long time. The first date is very crucial as the first impression matters a lot in the long run. It's the preparation and decision making date whether the relationship will go any further or not. Everyone wishes to impress their partner by bringing out the best in themselves.

Just like a pleasant personality, a pleasant appearance is also needed to win over the heart of the partner. So you wear your best attire and become presentable to the opposite sex. But this outward appearance is quite momentary. In the long run, your charming personality must accompany the attractive looks to keep the relationship moving further.

When the initial dating phase is over, the relationship greatly depends on the chemistry of two people. Better chemistry leads to a strong relationship in the future. It is one of the most important factors in any relationship.

How to determine that you have good chemistry with your partner?

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For couples using online dating sites, things may not turn out as they expect when they actually meet. Even for the couples who have known each other for long, compatibility may become an issue in the long run. Compatibility depends on how well you and your partner know each other and how much you actually have in common. When two people know each other in and out and they are ready to accept their partner as they are, they portray great chemistry. So chemistry is also about acceptance, and not merely couple compatibility.

The first impression

There are many people who are very visual. An attractive outward appearance enchants them more than an appealing personality. So to please people like them dressing up in a proper manner is necessary. Picking up the perfect outfit, matching it with the perfect accessories and smelling nice, these are the essentials for building up strong chemistry with such people. For them the secret of winning heart in ‘dress to impress’.

Maintaining personal health and hygiene is another trait that impresses people. Nothing is more attractive than a man or woman who maintains cleanliness and shows up at a date smelling fresh and nice.

Being yourself

Even when dating online people prefer meeting people who are genuine and honest. People appreciate better when others are true to their selves. Nothing is as attractive as a confident man or woman. So while selecting the ideal outfit for the date also put your best foot forward. Wear your confidence and build a good rapport with your partner. Your originality will be valued and it will help to enhance the chemistry between the two of you.


Everyone in this world has something that is one of a kind. For some it can be certain character traits, while for the others it can be their unique talent for some it is their physical features. But there is one thing that is common to all of us yet very unique in all of us. That is our own personalized smell. However, it is not the body odor we are talking about! Each one of the mammals and insects has a unique and typical smell. This smell is caused by pheromone, a chemical substance present in the body of all animals that decides their physiology and somewhat determines their behavior.

The exclusive scent of your body makes you stand out from the rest. This natural odor of the body is particularly attractive to many. This  smell by which a baby identifies its mother and vice-versa, can also make you irresistible to your partner. But we prefer to cover up this natural scent by using fragranced products. So next time there is a date you might want to give your natural fragrance a chance?


Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or live-in partners or married couple, the effort in a relationship should be the same. Your loyalty, dedication, and effort to actually make the relationship work is what builds great chemistry between you and your partner. Human beings are prone to errors. It might not be possible to stand up to everyone's expectations always, but there should be an acknowledgment of your partner's needs. The commitment really proves to be fruitful in the long run.


Right communication is the key to a successful relationship. Every individual has unique character traits and their unique needs. Without proper communication between partners, these needs and demands remain unattended. If continuously ignored, these needs can pose as major threats, and may lead to misunderstanding and differences of opinions. For maintaining a healthy balance in a relationship and a great chemistry, an effective communication is needed. Meaningful communication is the key to a stable relationship.

Ability to face challenges together

The path or the journey is never all smooth. It is full of ups and downs. What really determines whether two people have great chemistry or not, is their ability to face all the difficulties in life together as a team. Good chemistry is achieved the moment two people decide to stick together through thick and thin. Stand strong in the face of adversities and half the battle is won.


Another important part of your relationship is, understanding your partner's need for personal space. Every individual seeks some alone time. As a partner, it is your duty to appreciate this need and respect their personal space. As clingy partners may seem caring for a certain period but ultimately everyone wishes for an understanding partner who is matured enough to give them enough personal space in a relationship. Accept them as they are and provide them with the opportunity to express themselves and be free to you. Acknowledgment of these basic necessities promises great chemistry between partners.

Ultimately, good chemistry leads to a healthy bond! Protection Status