Amazing Turn-Ons for Guys (That Don’t Involve Touching)

Amazing Turn-Ons for Guys (That Don’t Involve Touching)

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So, you’ve found the man that you’re pretty sure will turn out to be Mr. Right, but you need tips on how to get him interested? Or maybe you just need new ways to stoke the embers or keep the fire blazing in your existing relationship.

Either way, one of the key ways to get and keep the attention of a man is by turning him on. By knowing these amazing turn-ons for guys, you can be sure to draw and keep the attention of the man of your dreams.

While you do want to make him notice you, and get his blood pumping, you don’t want to come on too strong. For that reason, we are going to look into ways to take things up to a steamy level without actually touching your man.

It sounds a bit more complicated, doesn’t it? But once you’ve learned these amazing turn-ons for guys that don’t even involve touching, you will have him eating out of the palm of your hand – so to speak.

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Setting the Mood with Music is a Turn-On for Guys

Since the beginning of time, music has been a part of every culture, although it varied a great deal between different tribes and people.

In fact, it is believed that music is likely to have existed before humans were even dispersed into different locations all around the globe. It is also thought that music may have originated in Africa and went on to become an integral part of human existence.

The truth is, no matter where or how it came to be, music has become one of the most utilized aphrodisiacs known to man. A study conducted by Spotify in 2012 verifies that there is a definite link between music and the sexual arousal of mankind.

As many as 50 % of all participants in that study found that they were actually more turned on by music than they were by the touch of their sexual partners.

The study went on to show that music can actually be addictive. The parts of the brain which are affected in a positive way by food, sex, and drugs are also stimulated by the sounds of certain songs.

Brain scans actually showed that within 15 minutes of listening to their favorite sexy music, the brains of participants had been flooded with Dopamine.

So those playlists on iPods that everyone used to pass around back in the ’90s actually did have an effect on the recipient’s sexual desires. Seems like music can be one of those amazing turn-ons for guys.

If you are having a hard time finding the right music for the mood, both Huffpost and Refinery29have playlists for you to gain inspiration.

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Eye Contact Can be an Amazing Turn-On for Men

Yes, music can help get him in the mood, but if you really want to get and keep a man’s attention, look him in the eyes. As we mentioned in a former article, you can attract a guy with a smile and by showing confidence.

If you make eye contact while doing both of these, you can attract him in a whole new way.

In fact, while women tend to think that men are more turned on by seeing naked bodies, a study from Emory University shows that men actually tend to look at a woman’s face first.

When presented with photos of nude women, the men in the study subconsciously scanned the faces before looking at the bodies of the women in the photos.

The reason behind this is said to be that a man will try to gauge whether or not a woman is in the mood by looking at her eyes.

While a woman can judge a man’s readiness just by looking at his body, a man has to rely on more subtle hints from a woman. While she may play demure and hide her arousal, the eyes are the windows to the soul and give her away.

For this reason, making eye contact with a man can actually arouse him more than seeing your body would.

Of course, adding a smile can also boost the effect that eye contact has. Slightly licking your lips in a way that isn’t too obvious could also enhance the mood.

Sexy Texting Can Be a Turn-on for Guys

While eye contact requires you to be with a guy in order to turn him on, sexy texting is an amazing turn-on for guys that does not require you to even be in the same country!

It isn’t necessary to be a terrific writer or even a novice one, as long as you can express your desire for him and your fantasies with words.

According to a post in Redbook Magazine, there are many different types of flirty texts that can be amazing turn-ons for guys. You might choose to remind him of a sexy encounter that you 2 have shared in the past.

Present it to him in a way that is different than he experienced it before by telling him what you were thinking and feeling throughout the experience.

You could also use text to drop hints about fantasies that you have of things that you would like to try.

While some people have a tendency to be a bit more withdrawn in person, you may be able to open up more in text and share things with him that you’ve just been too shy to say out loud.

As he responds, you may find that you gain more confidence to tell him what you really want and watch it turn him on.

Roleplays Can Be Amazing Turn-Ons for Guys

Another activity that can turn him on while helping the 2 of you gain confidence in your sex life is role-playing. This is even something that could be started in text and later expanded on when you 2 are together.

You could start out a roleplay in text by sending him a photo of you in a sexy outfit such as a maid’s uniform or a cheerleading suit. You can start almost any roleplay in text.

You could also go with a common roleplay and pretend that you 2 are strangers. You could pretend to meet at a train station or a bar and start the night out just by flirting with each other as if you’ve never seen each other before.

Of course, you would be dressed as sexy as possible, perhaps even wearing a sexy, red dress and heels.

You might also choose to pretend to be a damsel in distress, and he can be your hero in the form of a fireman, police officer, or even a mythical knight or wizard who’s come to save the day.

This one can be fun to play up with costumes and dialogue and doesn’t even require touching for him to be turned on. Pretending to be an escort, teacher, librarian, and even a female cop are all also amazing turn-ons for guys.

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Foods, Cocktails, and Wines can be Amazing Turn-Ons for Guys

Another terrific way to set the mood without ever even touching a guy is with certain foods, wines, and cocktails. Red wine is reported to be a drink that can actually enhance your sexual experience.

An article in Insider states that red wine can not only lessen the chance of a man experiencing any type of sexual dysfunction, but it can also raise his testosterone level, increasing his sex drive and improving the act for the both of you.

So, before looking for signs to see if he is attracted to you sexually, you might want to meet up for drinks and be sure to choose a nice, red wine.

Adding a snack of red grapes, cheese, and dark chocolate can also increase his interest and another of the ways to put him in the mood. Like red wine, red grapes can help the body to produce testosterone.

These sweet little treats can also help stimulate the production of estrogen as well, helping to put you both in the mood for a sexy time.

Eating dark chocolate can cause the body to release the same chemicals that it does during sex, to help build his sexual desires. Cheese also increases dopamine levels and can have the same effect as chocolate.

And cocktails made with juices such as pomegranate juice can also increase the sexual experience and be one of the amazing ways to turn him on. With this juice, stress levels are lowered, good mood in increased, testosterone production is raised, and blood circulation is higher.

Leaving Sexy Little Notes Can be One of the Amazing Turn-Ons for Men

You might also choose to leave him sexy little notes that he can find during the day as an amazing way to turn a guy on. You could say some of the same things that you might say in a sexy text, or you may choose to be a bit inventive.

This will work great for those who aren’t allowed to use their smartphones during work or class, or if you won’t be able to text him during the day.

One easy way to leave him sexy little notes to find during his day is by using Post It notes to stick them in places where you know that he will find them. You might stick one in his car or truck, in his lunch, briefcase, or backpack, or even at his workplace or school if this is possible.

Remember to be discreet, however, and don’t leave them where others can easily find them. You won’t turn him on by embarrassing him and causing him to be teased all day at work.

You could also use index cards or other small writing surfaces to leave sexy innuendoes of what you’d like to do to him, and vice versus. These could be slipped into a book or in his paperwork so that only he will see.

You might mention to him what you’ll be wearing, or even imply that you aren’t wearing anything. Give him mental images all day long that will tease his mind and keep him thinking of you.

Getting a Sexy Makeover is one of the Amazing Turn-Ons for Guys

Another of the sexy turn-ons for guys that you might want to try is getting a sexy makeover. In fact, an article for Oprah says that having a makeover from head to toe can help women get their sexy back.

Starting at the head, with sexy hairdos, a woman can turn her guy on without even touching him.

Wearing your hair down and soft can give you that “come here and take me” look that has men drooling for you. Whether you choose to wear it up in a curly-sexy updo or down in a soft mane, your hair can be a terrific tool for flirting.

You might even spray a bit of perfume in it so that every time you swing your head, he smells it.

Of course, the outfit also makes the look, and choosing a sexy outfit to impress him can make all of the difference in the world when looking for amazing turn-ons for guys.

The little black dress and a flaunty red dress are both commonly known as the sexiest dresses for a woman to choose from. You will want to be sure that you try them on and choose dresses or outfits that flatter your particular figure.

Each woman is different and what looks drab on one woman may turn you into a knockout!

And we all know that no makeover is complete with just a new hairstyle and outfit. Trying new, bolder colors in your makeup and lipstick palette are also good ideas for a sexy new look.

And don’t forget to get those legs waxed and nails did. Finish it off with a sexy pair of heels and you’re ready to “wow” him!

Playing a Little “Hard to Get” is an Amazing Turn-on for Guys

All of our ideas so far for amazing turn-ons for guys have focused on ways that you can show him how much you are interested in him and pique his interest in you. This last one, however, is pretty much the opposite.

You’ve heard the old saying, “Men want what they cannot have,” or “He’s in it for the thrill of the chase.” Although these statements aren’t completely correct, there is some truth in them.

There’s just something about a girl who plays “hard to get” that drives a man insane.

Of course, this step can be implemented into some of our other ideas. For example, you can look him in the eyes and smile at him while still acting demure and just out of reach.

Being flirty while leaving him guessing is a sure way to make a man’s interest in you grow. He may not even be quite sure why he wants you; he just knows that he has to have you.

You can keep this little game going for some time but remember not to push it to the point of being a tease. If you really aren’t interested in a man, you should never lead him on to think that you are.

But is he does happen to strike your fancy, as they used to say, then, by all means, let him know it so that you 2 can find out if the interest is mutual and where it might lead.

How to Know These Amazing Turn-Ons for Guys are Working

Those are just a few of the amazing turn-ons for guys that we are focusing on in this article. We have shared ideas in a former article about ways that you can tell if a man is interested in you sexually.

If he seems to want to stay right by your side, his interest is probably piqued. His body language can also tell you if you are on his mind in that way.

Once you have gotten his attention and his thoughts of you have turned into sexy fantasies, his voice may deepen, and he may lean a bit closer to chat with you.

Just as you looking into his eyes is a turn-on for men, he may also look you in the eyes to show his interest. He might also choose to text you all during the day and leave sexy little notes for you as well.

Keeping in constant contact with you is a sign that he is interested in you sexually. And of course, at some point, his interest may even escalate to the point that he has a hard time keeping his hands off of you!

While you should never allow anyone to touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, this is a good sign that you are in his daydreams.

By using the amazing turn-ons for men that we have discussed in this article, you can attract the man of your dreams and turn him on without ever touching him. After all, mystery and intrigue are some of the best aphrodisiacs known to man!

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