What is a Top Sign That Your Relationship is Doomed?

What is a Top Sign That Your Relationship is Doomed?

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Almost any relationship that has ever existed has had times that one or both f the people involved looked for signs that the relationship is doomed. It is important for anyone who is in a relationship to realize that every couple goes through these times. Every relationship sees moments that either partner feels that there is simply no way to keep going forward. But every couple faces different struggles. It takes both partners to keep working at it to make any relationship a good one.

All too often it is left up to the woman in a relationship to carry the burden of guarding both hearts. Men are sometimes more likely to give up when they can’t figure out how to “fix” things. Women are left with the guilt of knowing that they didn’t do enough to keep things flowing smoothly. But this is a false belief. Relationships do not always work, and it is not always anyone’s fault. It is not up to the woman or the man to hold everything together no matter what.

There is no need to stay stuck in a relationship that was doomed from the beginning. The pressure to try and fix things in a partnership that was never meant to be can be strong for both the man and the woman. It is vital to our well-being, however, that we learn to recognize when a relationship is doomed and move on to find one that could be so much better for us. Spending the rest of your life with the wrong person and missing out on the one who was truly meant for you is perhaps one of the worst tragedies that could ever happen to anyone.

So how can you tell when your relationship is doomed? What are the top signs that your relationship is doomed?

Disrespect Between Partners is a Top Sign That Your Relationship is Doomed

Respect is an important element of any relationship, and lack of respect is a top sign that your relationship is doomed. When a person does not feel respected by another person, then they will have a hard time feeling love for or from that person. If either partner or worse, both partners in a relationship have started being disrespectful of the other’s feelings, time, energy, or space, it can mean the beginning of the end of the relationship.

Being snide, dismissive, or even uninterested can make the other person in a relationship feel disrespected. And once someone feels continually disrespected, their love for the disrespectful partner will start to fade. If one person constantly feels like the other person does not respect him or her, then that person will subconsciously force their mind to numb itself to that feeling. Anytime a person is forced to remain numb in a relationship, there is not much time left to save it.

Ignoring Red Flags is a Top Sign That Your Relationship is Doomed

Another huge top sign that your relationship is doomed is if you have been ignoring red flags. This is especially true if those red flags started from the very beginning and you just simply didn’t want to see them. Red flags are often deal-breakers for any relationship, and there is a reason that we decide that we simply cannot deal with them. When we ignore our self-created red flags and deal breakers, we are essentially disrespecting the one person who we should never let down. Protecting ourselves is too important for us to allow this to happen.

According to Kimberly Hershenson, "People ignore their 'deal-breakers' in relationships for many reasons. Sometimes, we are afraid of the truth because finding out the truth may lead to us having to make a change," Sometimes a person can make us feel so good that we are afraid to look at the truth and realize that we are better as friends but not at all meant to be in a relationship. If both partners are not seeking the same things in life, for example, then a successful relationship between the two of them is very unlikely. Maybe one partner wants a lot of kids, but the other does not want any. Or one partner wants a laid-back life in the country and the other prefers the hectic lifestyle of the city. Either way, if red flags such as these present themselves it is a top sign that your relationship is doomed.

Lack of Trust and Communication is a Top Sign That Your Relationship is Doomed

Lack of trust and communication is another top sign that your relationship is doomed. If you have ever been cheated on, trust can come hard to you. But there are many ways to spot a cheater. It is important that you do not show distrust to someone who is not deserving of it. It is almost impossible for any relationship to survive without trust. The trust between the two partners is the main connection that draws the two together. Without that trust, it is very hard to make any relationship last for very long at all. A lack of trust could easily mean that you are in a toxic relationship, and is a top sign that your relationship is doomed.

Lack of communication is also a sign of a totally poisonous relationship. When a couple allows a problem to grow between them and refuses to address it, that problem can fester and become septic. Communication is vital to making any relationship work. Both partners must be willing to share when things are bothering them.

Likewise, both partners have to be willing to listen when one partner needs to get something off of their chest, the other partner must be able to listen fairly and objectively, with consideration for the other one’s feelings. If two people cannot communicate with each other, the chance is very low that they can build a strong relationship together. This is why a lack of communication is another top sign that your relationship is doomed….

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