What Makes a Man a Good Kisser? Top 10 Tips for How to Kiss

What Makes a Man a Good Kisser? Top 10 Tips for How to Kiss

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Kissing is often one of the first ways that women gauge the success of a date. After a first date, the woman’s BFF will often demand she “give me all of the details!” and then ask, “Is he a good kisser?” Clearly, there is a lot of importance placed on the deliciousness of the kiss, but what makes a man a good kisser?

Being a Good Kisser Is Important

It may seem like such a simple thing, whether or not a man is a good kisser. Guys, you may be thinking, “If I am a good guy with a good job, surely the kiss can’t be the one thing that breaks the deal?” Sadly, the answer is, “Yes.”

Unfortunately, being a bad kisser can cause a relationship to go bad before it even has a chance to be good. In fact, as many as 66% of women say that they will not stay in a relationship with someone who cannot kiss well. Incidentally, 59% of men feel the same way.

So, if being a good kisser is so important, what makes a man a good kisser?

Here are our ten best tips on being a good kisser:

1. Kiss Me Like You Mean It – One of the first and most important requirements that women give for making a man a good kisser is that he must kiss her like he means it. We’ve all had that quick peck on the cheek like it’s an afterthought, but no woman wants that to be the best her man has got.

If you really want to be a good kisser, she wants you to kiss her like it is the most important thing happening in the entire world right now. Grab her and kiss her as if you can barely contain the passion that is boiling in your soul.

2. Don’t Look! – Another important thing to know that makes a man a good kisser is that if you are doing it correctly, your eyes will be shut. While staring deep into one another’s eyes may seem romantic in some settings, during the middle of a kiss is not one of them.

Chances are that as soon as you started to plant one on her, your girl most likely closed her eyes and took a deep breath. That doesn’t mean that she won’t peek once the kiss starts getting good. Don’t let her catch you doing the same, or it can be awkward and ruin the kiss!

3. It’s About More Than Lips – According to most sources, a great kiss involves much more than just the lips or mouth. While plump, pouty lips may look sexy, they aren’t all that it takes to make a man a good kisser.

If you really want to make the kiss great, let other parts of your body get involved as well. Take note of where your hands are, as well as how much of you is pressed against her. Let her feel your body’s urgency.

4. DO Take the Lead – According to many reports, a man considers a kiss much better if the woman allows him to initiate it. Sure, having her grab you and kiss you suddenly can be a turn-on, but the best kisses usually happen when the man makes the first move.

While women are being advised to allow the man to initiate, the man must be willing to do so for it to work. Do take the lead and don’t leave her hanging, guys.

5. No Biting – While some guys may think it is sexy and masculine to bite during a kiss, most women do not prefer it. We aren’t impressed when you bite our lips, guys. Sucking on our lips really doesn’t do it for us, either.

For one, it can hurt… and no one wants a painful kiss. It also makes the woman pause and try to figure out what you’re doing. If you want your kiss to be a good one, you don’t want to make her think, you want to make her unable to think!

6. Save the Tongue, Too – Once you have matured enough to know what you are doing, you should realize that the tongue doesn’t play that big of a part in a good kiss. Although your college kisses may have involved a lot of tonsil-hockey and saliva, grown-up kisses demand more.

While a little bit of tongue can be a good thing, your tongue should not just burst into her mouth and go exploring. You aren’t trying to find out what she ate for breakfast. Just let your tongue casually peek in past her lips and then stay out of it.

7. Moisturize! – Dry lips can make for a terrible kisser, but it isn’t a turn-on for a woman to watch you lick your lips just before kissing her. The sheen of spit on your mouth does not make her want to put her lips anywhere near yours.

Using a good lip balm often is important. You don’t want to choose some fruity, feminine tasting lip gloss, but a soft lip balm to keep your lips moisturized is a great idea for a man to use daily. You never know when a kiss could happen!

8. Breath Mints – You will also want to make sure that you have good oral hygiene daily to be a good kisser when the time comes. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash can all help to ensure that you don’t have bad breath.

Even if you have the best oral care, food can still cause stinky breath from time to time. Since most dates involve eating, it is a good idea to carry breath mints with you. Pop one in your mouth before you kiss her, so she can taste you and not the garlic bread that you had with dinner.

9. Relax and Enjoy – Most women tend to enjoy things more if they know that their partner is pleased. If you feel tense and nervous, she will feed off of that and be tense and nervous herself. This will not make a man a good kisser.

Instead, allow yourself to relax and get into the kiss. Let the kiss connect your souls in a moment of passion that she will not soon forget.

10. Do a Double Take – Another thing that makes for a good kiss is when the man just cannot get enough. There is nothing like being involved in a passionate kiss, feeling the man start to end it, and suddenly he pulls you back in for more.

If you want her to keep wanting more of it, show her that you do. Give her a deep, sexy kiss, slowly start to pull back, and then quickly pull her closer for an even deeper kiss. Those are the kisses that will take her breath away.

In Closing

While there are as many different ways for a couple to kiss as there are couples, paying attention to your partner’s needs is the best way for a man to be a good kisser. The best kiss involves both people connecting and syncing until you almost feel that you have become one. While a kiss may not seem that important, women everywhere have been left pining over a man simply because he knew what makes a man a good kisser.

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