What To Do If You See Your Ex On Tinder?

What To Do If You See Your Ex On Tinder?

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So, you and your ex broke up about some time ago and you haven't been in contact since then. You decide to download Tinder to keep your mind off your ex. But about 30 swipes in, you see your ex. You freak out and close the app. A lot of people find themselves in this situation. So, we decided to write about it.

You are still not over your ex, and that's why you are reading this article. You probably had tried repeatedly to salvage the relationship. So, if you still want your ex back, we have the answers for you. First, let's start with a couple things to NOT DO if you see your ex on Tinder.

1.)  You should never, ever freak out at your ex. It’s easy to be angry and upset when you see your ex on Tinder. You feel like he or she is quickly moving on without you. But this probably isn’t the case. After a break-up, people feel lonely, and this sort of loneliness is often the catalyst for trying out something new like Tinder. So it’s important that you do NOT freak out at your ex when you see them.  So don’t message him or her saying, you know, ‘HOW DARE YOU DOWNLOAD TINDER’ or anything like that. After all, you’re on Tinder as well!

2.) Don’t let it discourage you from using dating apps! Dating apps can be a great way to meet people – and it can be really fun. It can be a great way to build connections, make friends, and help you stop thinking about your ex so much.

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So now that we’ve told you a couple things you should NOT do. Now comes the big question. Do you swipe LEFT or do you swipe RIGHT?! If you legitimately DO want your ex back, the answer to this question is simple: SWIPE RIGHT! If you don’t match with your ex – it’s not a big deal! Maybe he or she hasn’t seen you on Tinder yet.

Or maybe they don’t want things to be awkward between you two. But if you swipe right and they swipe left, they will have no idea that you swiped right anyways! Now if you DO match, here’s a chance where you can use humor to your advantage. At this point, talk about how hilarious it was that you two matched on Tinder. But here are a couple other tips that you should keep in mind if you do get matched with your ex on tinder.

1.) Talk about how lame the dating app has been for you, and how you’ve only been using it for entertainment value. Joke around and say that all your matches have been weird, awkward, and creep. By doing this, you let your ex know that you aren’t serious about finding someone on Tinder.

2.) Don’t talk about your relationship or anything negative. It’s easy to start bringing out old skeletons from your closet and talk about how heartbroken you are. But, now is not the time. So be positive and keep the conversation light and easy.

3.) Don’t talk about who they’ve matched up with or if they’ve been on any Tinder dates. Don’t ask about their dating life at all! Don't look insecure at any cost.

4.) Talk about how many matches you’ve had. If you need your ex back, you need to convey to him or her that you’re hot stuff and that other singles are chasing YOU down. Even though this isn’t true, it’s important to at least play it off this way. This will make you seem much more attractive. Once you let your ex know how many people are chasing you down, they might second question their decision to break up with you. At this point, you can turn the tide and make your ex chase you down for a second chance.

These aren't the only tips you should know about. There are many other psychological tricks that can help you get your ex back.


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