What Your T-Shirt Color Says About You

What Your T-Shirt Color Says About You

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The colors you wear say a lot about you. This extends into your complete wardrobe but what about your t-shirts?

Well, regardless of the design, slogan or other details that appear on the front and or back, the color of your t-shirt does have a meaning. So if you have a closet full of one or two main colors, in a few moments you may discover why that is with this look at what your t-shirt colors says about you!

1. White

If you don’t happen to be clean and innocent, a white t-shirt also indicates that you happen to be organized and a detail-oriented person. Worn with other colors, white just looks classic.

2. Black

If you feel as if you have a powerful, dynamic personality, then black is your color. However, it can also prove to be overpowering. Again, worn with other colors will help offset that.

3. Blue

Thanks to the ever-popular blue denim used in jeans, this is one of the most common clothing colors. It has a calming effect on both you and those around you. It is also a color that represents good qualities such as trustworthiness and honesty. You may also note that blue is commonly used in hospital clothing, logos and branding for banks as well as in law enforcement.

4. Green

Green also has a calming effect and happens to be pleasing to the eye. It has a bigger meaning as well – green is connected to nature, the environment and anything considered eco-friendly. However, green can also have several other meanings depending entirely on the shade of the color. A deep green can mean money, greed and envy where Army green can make you out to be too rigid and a by-the-book type.

5. Grey or Brown

These are neutral colors which typically mean you are approachable and easy to start a conversation with. Neutral colors are also great for building a foundation with when you are putting together the visuals for your wardrobe. Grey or brown can help ‘tone down’ other, louder colors to a more pleasant attractant.

6. Red or Pink

Passion colors with red also indicating action and power where pink shows vulnerability. Because red is a bold color, if you are trying to leave a great first impression that won’t be forgotten, then use red as your base color.

7. Purple

This color has long had a connection to royalty so for a regal message, this is your first choice. Purple is considered a sentimental color and it also signifies creativity and uniqueness.

8. Yellow

Bright, cheerful is what this color can say about you however, it also can flip. The other meanings for yellow are fear and shyness.

9. Orange

As this is a playful color, orange hints at children and learning. Because orange is a mixture of the colors yellow and red, expect some of those traits to come through as well.

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