Why you should not buy traffic from fiverr?

Why you should not buy traffic from fiverr?

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Suppose you are a young entrepreneur starting a new business or a young a blogger who just started blogging. You go through books, blogs and of course advice from people around you before starting. You set everything right, get a well-designed content-rich website with your list of keywords. All you need now is TRAFFIC.

It can sometimes be hard, trying to get traffic from social media, and guest posts. It takes time, to appear in search results, it takes time to get quality backlinks, it takes time to grow your social media profiles. But, you want sales or monetization from your ads or affiliate products. At the end of the day, after all this effort, you want some output, you want some numbers in revenue.

And for these numbers, you need TRAFFIC. And then you stumble upon the perfect solution "Fiverr". You are desperate to get cheap traffic and Fiverr gigs promise you just that.

"Unlimited traffic for 5 dollars".

In your head, you are like "WOW!" , "It's a bargain", "It's a steal", "It's just 5 dollars". You are tempted to buy the gig, and reading all those positive reviews, it gets hard for you to question the gig. But, STOP!!! Don't do that. Don't throw your money away. It's not worth it and in this post, I am going to explain the same. So, here are some of the reasons why shouldn't buy traffic from Fiverr =>>


Yes, your visitors are fake. They are as fake as the statement "I was the lady charmer of my school." :) The majority of the traffic you get is going to come from, essentially, a robot sitting on your domain and refreshing the page over and over. They just make your view count sky rocket, but you won't get any sales or leads. You might get a few clicks on your ads, but these are bots as well. And the ad program you might be using, would easily recognize this.
Sometimes, it might not be a bot refresher, but a bot which would post your link to thousands of irrelevant blogs and forums. That's called "spamming'.  Google will see them and easily determine they were purchased or spammed, and will penalize your site. You’ll have to go through weeks or months of penalized search ranking while you hunt down those links and disavow them.

2. Ad Affiliates Block You

Yes! If you are using some sort of affiliate program or using any ad network for displaying and monetizing ads on your website, chances are you might end up getting blocked. There have been numerous cases where publishers were banned from Google Adsense, after buying traffic from Fiverr.  When you buy such traffic gigs on Fiverr, the traffic with hundreds of hits per hour is generally from the same IP addresses. Google – and other affiliates like it – can see those IPs and will realize it’s only a few addresses refreshing the page.

In the short run, your account might be put on a hold temporarily with you losing you revenues. In the long run, the program may permanently disable your account and you might not be able to even appeal against it. So, keep this mind that you might end up losing your Adsense account for just a few extra traffic hits.

3. Your Bounce Rate Shoots Up

Going through the reviews on these gigs, most of them will list out that their bounce rate skyrocketed after buying traffic from Fiverr. This is because most of these hits are by bots and not by real users. These bots, unlike humans, do not engage with your website. Bots don't have curiosity, they won't check out what other posts you have written or what your website is all about. Their only purpose is to increase the counter. So, obviously, your bounce rate increases significantly. And the average time a user spends on your website reduces significantly.
User engagement on your website reduces significantly. A normal user would engage with your posts, might comment on your posts, might check out your Facebook page. But, bots won't do that. Even when it's not bots, but users which are from forums totally unrelated to your niche, they leave your website in a few seconds.

Having backlinks from high authority sites is good. But, getting poor backlinks hurts your web profile. Most of the sellers on Fiverr who promise real human traffic, post your link on totally unrelated and poor quality sites.  If a spam site links to you, you will lose Google's trust and it might hurt your rankings. Sure, you might get a good amount traffic for a few days, but in the long run, when Google analyzes your link profile and finds such poor quality links, it will definitely hurt your rankings. And it would take you months of hard work to recover from such a penalty. Trust is hard to earn. Trust from Google is the only way to protect yourself from spam attacks. If you compromise your trust early on, you’re just digging a hole that will take months or years to climb out.

These are just a few reasons for not buying traffic from Fiverr. So, a short term boost in traffic to your website might end up hurting you and your business in the long run. I would strongly recommend staying away from such gigs. There are many other ways to bring not just traffic, rather "quality traffic" to your website, which is beneficial to your business in the long run.

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