When Should You Worry about Another Woman In Your Man's Life?

When Should You Worry about Another Woman In Your Man's Life?

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Alexis hoped she overreacted.

"The dilemma is, I understand girls like her. They get shut only because they could."

He had been easy-going friendly, and social. He had been the type of man who lent a hand to anyone.

All of that left him an easy target for the unscrupulous"buddy ."

"I really don't believe she really wants to split us up," explained Alexis.

She was asking Eric to stay to assist her. For him to be assigned to her group, she asked. Many times she had suggested the both of them proceed to talk past a work problem.

Eric consented. The issue wasn't seen by him.

Can I paranoid and jealous?" She wished to know.

I didn't believe so.

I believed Alexis had reasons to worry about

How Eric and she managed this scenario will set the tone for their connection.

Jealousy is a Simple Fact of Life

Nobody likes it when their spouse is currently behaving jealous. It seems as though their spouse does not trust them.

According therapist Esther Perel, it may spice up a connection to. We understand just how much of a grab that our spouse is when we feel jealous. Our appetite can be re-invigorated by it.

Issues arise if couples decrease, or refuse, shame the emotions. They refuse to discuss it, or argue about it.

It is fantastic to presume that your man will get jealous so are you. That feeling might be yucky, but it does not need to rip you apart. This is the beginning point for an investigation of that which makes you feel vulnerable and what causes you to truly feel secure.

Jealousy is an invitation.

Boundaries are rules which you put in place to ensure you have exactly what you will need to feel secure.

Some folks believe should you like one another, you should not need boundaries. You need to trust each other to get the ideal thing.

However, I look at bounds in a manner that is different. Boundaries are similar to walls that you build around your love.

Your love is a thing. It is personal and tender. You construct a house to keep it secure from the external world, when you set bounds.

Boundaries Which Should Not Be Crossed

Infidelity expert Shirley Glass supplies a checklist to ascertain if or not a casual connection is evolving in a psychological affair.

  • Can he speak to her about things he does not talk with you?
  • Can he speak to her about your connection --specifically, negative opinions about you personally, or issues you are having?
  • Can he feel comfy should you overheard their discussions?
  • Can he feel comfortable when his interactions with her captured videotaped and you had been shown the movie?

Fortunately for Alexis, not one of these things were true.

But she knew that this other girl's behavior was not perfect. How can she help Eric see he wanted to be mindful?


I invited Alexis to speak to Eric about this notion of constructing a home around their love.

They had to install"walls" to maintain their love protected from everything out.

Examples could include:

  • We will not speak about personal connection stuff on the job.
  • We'll introduce each other to our own work colleagues if wanted.
  • We'll prevent situations where we must be alone using an opposite-sex work seeker.
  • We'll ensure our work colleagues understand we are in a committed relationship.
  • We'll inform each other if somebody makes their fascination to us understood.

Alexis found it a lot easier to speak about her anxieties to Eric by framing these bounds as a tool which protects their connection.

It is not about if he was trusted by her. It is not about this girl.

It is about maintaining their love protected.

That is something that her knight in shining armor was happy to perform.

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